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I dream of a sanatorium or something…my family and I go down the hall … go out into the hall …there is a round or oval table large oak, sitting at a table by the doctors or the doctor and nurses something like that…and ask me «what is your bubushka (well meaning recovering)» …grandmother already is not present in alive… and doctors like these are welcome at this table… I’m saying that is normal , the fever disappeared …what about… they well bring to the reception at eight tredwell and write a ticket (I haven’t seen it) prozvuchala figure only this, he also said that every day seems to come to be observed… I said that it is necessary to come at half past eight …answered Yes… then I thought for a second and say that so late I will not go to the clinic… and they say they don’t have to go they will still be there to take say…well… okay type of us still have nothing to do …rest the same…
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From the practice reports. We can assume, at least (with figures not always easy), that time from mid-August to September (later is possible, as in the dream said that doctors still will take) or need to be treated or receive medical treatment (the sanatorium is rest treatment unlike surgeries and hospitals in dreams). So, pay attention to health and the opportunity to relax.


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