A nightmare is a variant of an event.

A nightmare is a variant of an event. Have you seen it in a dream? So why can’t you see a real variant of the future? Maybe you do, and maybe it happens very often, but you just don’t pay attention to your dreams, you don’t analyze them.

Everyone is stopped and confused by the fact that most of our dreams are images of the subconsciousness coded in symbols.

One more important aspect you should take into consideration when foreseeing future events. “Signal reception”. There are some predetermined events in the life of a person which can be ‘visible’ many years before they happen. These are prophetic dreams about intended and future children that everyone loves so much. They can be dreamt ten or fifteen years before the event.

Events which are predetermined by the decisions or the choices of a person can be ‘seen’ only when they are possible to happen. And as this time comes closer, the event causes ‘resonance’ in mental world: the closer the event is in time, the stronger is the signal.


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