Affirmation rules

  1. Clearly determine what dream you want to have. You shouldn’t read more than one affirmation before you go to sleep.
  2. After you get an answer in your dream, don’t repeat this affirmation earlier than in a month (if not indicated otherwise in the affirmation). If the affirmation had other effect, e.g. healing dream or travel, still don’t hurry to repeat it. The subconsciousness perceives well all what’s new, and things often repeated don’t have power for perception.
  3. In affirmations of dreams of future, if you got an answer which is not clear to you, put the question in other way, make it clear. Subconsciousness is an ideal mirror. You get the answer for the question you ask. Just remember it.
  4. When reading affirmations, at points when it’s necessary to imagine what is proposed, visualize people and objects, get yourself to the place in question, feel the state described. This way you’ll create thought forms in your own mental world.
  5. Set an alarm fifteen minutes earlier than the time you need to get up. It is easier to remember a dream being still in bed. If you get up and take a walk, the movements of your legs, arms, etc. will ‘switch’ the body on, and you will be completely awakened.
  6. Don’t eat before sleep. Generally, it is better not to load your stomach 5 hours before going to bed. Otherwise your chances to have a clear dream will be lower.
  7. Time for dreaming should be sufficient. The organism will have enough rest only after several sleep phases, and then the time of quick eye movement phase will be extended which is necessary to have a normal dream.
  8. If any affirmation has some particular rules, they will be indicated at the very beginning of the text.

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