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To avoid the loss of valuable reports on the vast expanses of the Forum, it was decided to collect data on such dreams as a separate theme 🙂 So, if someone managed to hear something or see a repository of information about the repository and the like, where it is necessary to inform — actually , here!!!:)))
And somehow to post a new topic, my modest contribution)))
in this passage had a first day affirmations of Ganymede, under the same morning:
I was at some meeting where talking about the Guardians, but it was not a meeting of their own, but simply some people discussing what’s supposedly there somewhere, living among us Guardians, I have asked to repeat what Keepers hear answer — Keepers of the information, for example, one of them now living in New York … everything, and then woke up …
And now we wait for the report Ayu !;)

That is my dream. Had a 21 on 11/22/15 at affirmations «Ganymede»

Today I was in a storehouse of knowledge! But in order 🙂 Dream of me, as I am running for the tram in all haste. Runs. He is and was about to get under way it was, when supervisors notice. I realize I do not have a ticket and I run out of the tram. I ran, and she thought: «Now I blockhead! I had a ticket in hand and present it would appear «:) It was part of a conscious dream. Then, I remember, I have in the cemetery!
My moves into «before the cemetery.» Some of red brick the device, without a roof, and me on the neck. There had already gathered 6 young people. Boy and all the other girls. Here comes up to me the main group — a man to 40 years old, large, medium height and short-haired. He asked me why my grave? I told him something (it’s personal, sorry) and he gave me then enrolls in a common group.
Further, we find ourselves in the repository. This place is just amazing! There’s all the shelves in books, media, information, documents for all occasions of all people and the whole world !! I’m excited indescribable !! This is the cemetery where I wanted to get there. The whole group ran away for storage. I stopped near ogromadnogo stilazha with books and thinking how can I find information about myself?!?! At the head is the most important question! Then I notice the Secretary-store — woman. She speaks softly, without straining the voice she simply divine, and although she says softly, her hear each well, despite the fact, which part of it is a huge warehouse. Gololos And it sounds just permeates everything the listener through the body. She says all the time. He says information about each member of the band. I’m listening, but my thoughts were only about my question … Then she called my name and said: «Anastasia … Your number» 2 «!», It is something else to say, but I do not remember 🙁 There were instructions and how to use them 🙁 Here comes up to me the chief of our group. I went up to him almost dense and asked him in a whisper main my question, in the hope that it will help me to find in the store to answer. But he says that he is only a conductor and do not know the answer. Then I woke up and I was a child and did not finish the dream … But know that will not go out until I know the answer!

Posted by Phoenix
The answer 11/22/2015 22:28
I’ll tell you a story … ..govoryat that there is a special day in the year when the Book of Life is opened, and the Almighty will judge each of his works, good and bad, and according to him, the fate of a person for the next year! Here is a parable!

When I saw that, too, something like that. In the sense of a dream. Big hall. Marble floor. Brown and white. A little further, on the hill stands a marble — I do not know what it’s called, will let the column. It disclosed the book. I was surprised to look around the room. I know exactly what I got in the warehouse. For some reason it was going at the time — Akasha. I am gaining the courage to go to the book. On the way, I flew out of sleep, but feeling the girls can still remember … the light of this, what is the whole situation — unearthly.

I understand that this Akasha is the storehouse of all the information …

Tryuffelka’s your dream to kapilochku!

Svetaaa, well at all! You not only have a wise and knowing, but just like the picture of my dream utyanula 🙂 Only you «neatly», but I have 10 meters ceiling, and the book is not only stilazhah, but also piles on the floor. Stacks were those huge flat. I still wonder how they do not fall :)))))
And about the «special day of the year,» I have it, it seems, I have been recently. And I have received the verdict :))) who and where waiting for me :)))) I do not know if in the next year …
Here, Lena, each store for its part, sees differently. But to know the information, perhaps we have not yet matured. Or sooner. I also did not get an answer to what I wanted. But just an incredible feeling! A voice in my sleep by the Secretary-store Well, actually, I can not even describe really. She spoke quietly, but went straight through the body and every cell knew and caught the words …

If I’m not mistaken, the magnetite, it seems, too, in a place like this was …

And yet, I have just venerated Temko Lena Tryufelki from about 21.10 Akasha. There Vicki offered Victoria Akash go to the library. And Victoria said that «testing» the installation. And that’s what I thought came to mind … but I do not «implemented» if an affirmation and launched into action, aah? :)))

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