Alien dream

It happened to me something new to me, unusual and very exciting. I would like to share and in response to read similar experiences.
I went to bed last night. In good spirits, with the intention to hold the affirmation «Happiness is.» And I dreamed a dream, but I soon realized that he was not mine! Usually, if something to me in a dream, or I do not like to know that something is wrong I will fly, that is right in his sleep say ‘everything! I do not want «and wake up. And then I realized the strangeness, but remained. I saw his girlfriend and her actions in my dream, knowing that I was there just an observer, as if the appraiser situation. In the morning, when I woke up, immediately I wrote to a friend who had a dream. This is a proven way to tell people, we have been friends since childhood and go hand in hand through life, even though we live in different countries. So, writing a friend, once said that she had seen in a dream last night. And when she began to talk, I realized that she had seen the same dream! Only she did not see me, and it was all a dream in symbols, and my in «pure» form. This is so exciting! My friend thought of me before going to bed and it turns out she interrupted his promises my affirmation, and I responded to this call. It is both incredible and wonderful!
Share, please, who was it like?

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