Animals jumping in your sleep

Прыгающая крыса — знак близкой опасности.

Кошка, собака — к ссоре с другом или возлюбленным.

Лягушка, жаба — к оскорблению от хама.

Тараканы, пауки — к нападкам неприятелей.

Дельфины, рыбы — к новому знакомству.

Jump in a dream means attempt in reality to overcome difficulties or obstacles, and such actions are characterized by speed, fast solutions.

Jump in length indicate the degree of achievement of the plan.

Jump with a parachute — a desire to test luck, sport.

Jump in my sleep and down into the pit, into the abyss,

Jump over the pit, a ditch obstacle to the successful completion of important work to overcome obstacles.

Jump in the sea, river, pool, water — calculated risks in an important case, if only the jump ended well. Therefore, it is important what happened in the storyline of the dream. The follow-up will show the result of these efforts.

Jump heights — fear of losing position, status. Usually these dreams end during a jump, if you jumped himself a dreamer. If you landed in a dream, it is important that happened to you, it will be the interpretation of the dream. If you still had the jump, usually a dream means fear of defeat, not a defeat. If the final sleep and landing, decipher this dream further.

To jump out the window — often dream to fulfill his plans.

Jump from the roof — a symbol of the unstable position.

Jump off a bridge — failures and failures of plans because of indecision, who jumped and moved in a dream bridge. Change the projection of the future!

To jump from the balcony — the risk in a hard case. Here also has a value, what happens to those who jumped on. This will show, in vain or justified was the risk.

Jump off a cliff, mountains, rocks — a sign of a bad turn in your business.

To jump ship, boat, train, airplane, helicopter — change the way of life, «quit game», the end of a certain period of life, the end of a relationship with the people who were with you.

Jumping down people — a sign of the loss obstacles. Bouncing people — a sign of overcoming difficulties and achievements especially when Bouncing, they climbed to a higher level of something in my sleep.

Jump on a bungee — tightening time for some business.

Wave a period of unrest.

To jump high, up and attempts to overcome the difficulties, which anyway will not give you anything.

Over the fire or fire — to avoid the danger.


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