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Girls, Hello! If someone is a free minute, look, please, two of sleep. They are simple, I deciphered their own, but the theme of personal and private where I have started a complete stupor. So: 1) I am a former boyfriend standing at the counter, selling buns. I want to buy rolls, they are fresh, tasty, but then the guy suddenly starts telling me about how beautiful our baby. I’m at a loss, I do not understand what this conversation. I told him, well, now is not the time or place to discuss it, I just want to buy buns. And he was so keen to develop this theme further, we will be together, etc. I feel uncomfortable, as we face the seller buns. I look for the seller, it is like a real baker, dressed in a white beautiful clothes as a baker in the image)) so that the baker smiling and nodding his head, saying, yes the guy says everything right. This dream described in the dream book, but he did not pass. 2) I’m with the same guy. Next to us is a lesbian couple (which is the symbol for the first time I dream). These two girls oddly dressed like half-naked. The guy comes to one of them, curiously examines her breasts, half-naked breasts, too. I have no jealousy, no, I understand that it does not interest him as a girl, it’s some kind of curiosity. I tell him, they say, do not look at them because you do not have to embarrass them, let them stand, and then they will be uncomfortable. The guy comes back to me and priobnimaet my waist, standing a little behind. I have in my hand a long cookie, I know this is a very useful cookies. The guy takes my hand with cookies, it brings me to my lips, and feeds me like my own hand. I nibble a cookie, then he takes my hand and brings himself to his lips and he, too, takes a bite of the cookies. Here such here dreams. Who says that? What can be seen here? Emotions, feelings, experiences, or yet more of my thoughts? I understand intuitively that dreams are not bad. Not understand the symbol of lesbian couples and considerations chest .. In general, I will be glad opinions.

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