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Dream interpretation kiss

Kissing in dreams symbolize the true intention, reflecting primarily inner feelings to another person. Almost all dreams have the importance of the kiss and your feel for it. If you experienced in the kiss the good feelings and the process you like, the dream means that in your relationship with the person you kissed in […]

Dream interpretation person

Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another carries information. It can be a direct reference to some event or action, or indirectly, to symbolize about events similar to the past or human nature. The determining factors in deciphering dreams will have the following characteristics: If this is familiar to you, then the dream […]

Prophetic dreams. The future of the Belarusian ruble

Additional stock exchange session with enviable persistence continues to «strengthen» the Belarusian ruble. They say that everything is getting better, but … That was me, «Gone», not like all this. I have in the bank. With me familiar. He Belarusian, but now lives and works in Kiev. We come to the cashier to exchange. Cute […]

Dream Interpretation stone

Stones in a dream symbolize two aspects: challenges and achievements. Depending on what kind of stone you have seen in a dream, and under what circumstances. If it’s just stones, sleep is likely to obstacles, especially if the stones in a dream you have on the road. However, having overcome an obstacle, you will be […]

Dreams clue necklace

Necklace in a dream symbolizes the union relations, communications and a certain status and position in society. Necklaces of gold heralds the future happiness of the person to whom it belongs in a dream. What it more and more beautiful, the more joyful and happy events await you. If someone give you a necklace — […]

Dreams clue bead

Beads in a dream symbolize unexpected news or change in relationships with some man. More often than not — this is not the beloved, and the people with whom you are somehow similar, and they, in turn, do not you care about. If you dream of collecting, strung beads, dream means disappointment in man, which […]

Dreams clue Rubies

Rubies in the dream symbolize the mutual passion and love. For some people, they represent a symbol of earthly power and wealth. Rings with rubies — a sign of strong emotional attachment, often karmic trace. Earrings with rubies dream marriage or union, based on passion. In general, any valuable stones in the earrings indicate a […]

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