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Dream dance

Dance with a man in a dream — to well-being in a relationship with someone dancing. But, as the dance may be different, say: what is dance, so is life together or relationship. Almost always the «character» of the relationship can be determined by «character» dance in a dream. Beautiful and synchronous dance (if in […]

The sperm in dreams Female territory

(from reports) Hello, ***. Generally in the esoteric sperm itself transmits energy of a woman that had sex with a man media. Moreover, the «live» tadpoles in the woman’s uterus for up to 7 years, and when they begin to fade, much «bothering» a woman that finally clutching his vessel’s energy disconnect the bearer to […]

Dream beach

Beach dream is the symbolic achievement of the goal. Usually, it refers to dreams in which shore is visible from the sea, rivers, ocean. Even better if you made it to the shore — it means that you can achieve prosperity, success, profits and so on. What you are currently in

Dream interpretation accident

To dream of an accident means the feeling of failure. But most often it is the fear of failure. In most accident cases reflect the fear for the break up of any relationship, failure in business, business, as well as feelings of anxiety for the people close to the dreamer, fear for their lives. BLOGS […]

Dream interpretation cow

Cow in dreams symbolizes the situation in the house or the farm. Either directly or indirectly, this character will be related to the state of your Affairs and to mean prosperity or lack of it in various forms. Therefore, it is important in what aspect you saw cows in his dream. BLOGS MAGIKUMA — ONLINE […]

Dream interpretation alien

Strangers in dreams are indicative for the actions of third parties in relation to you. And rarely — on the events that you will relate, however, such dreams are dreams of a dreamer, that is, people who are prone to dreams, their well-characterized or have developed the skills of active sleep. BLOGS MAGIKUMA — ONLINE […]

Dream interpretation The germ (embryo)

The germ (embryo) of the plant – a new idea, project, idea, new feelings, relations. In the case of the character of the plants, almost always, the course of events will depend on you, your actions. Remember, only weeds grow. Young sprouts, shoots the same allegory – just received «the life» of ideas, intentions, feelings, […]

To see the eyes in the dream

If you are able to see the eyes of the man in the dream is «clean» information, but usually it freezes at the first sensation of such «chemicals» (in fact a very strong sense), but in General, if you realize this point yourself, you can be the person, which in the dream in his eyes, […]

To dream

The process itself vision in dreams refers to the perception of images, symbols, and oddly enough — KNOWLEDGE. A dreamer, oneironaut, experienced practitioner, sometimes a random lucky ones, the information in dreams can come (to do) as PURE KNOWLEDGE. In most cases all data is «encrypted» in characters. So, if you SEE in dreams pure […]

Dream a little

A small symbol could mean in dreams several aspects: negligible, humiliated, incapable, blind, «weak» against anything, helpless, vulnerable, sick. Little people in dreams often point to a person or situation is insignificant, rudimentary process or incomplete status, position. When we see ourselves small, in my life at the same time, we feel their insignificance in […]

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