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Dream weapons

People with any weapon: gun, pistol, knife, dagger, axe and so on, means aggression and attempt to protect your family or business. If in the dream a man had behaved aggressively towards you, the dream foretells problems, obstacles, quarrels and scandals. See symbol «weapons» and «assault.» Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another […]

Dream interpretation red

The red symbol means several aspects:, native, favorite people, Golden people, nature, cunning, arrogant, deceitful. Red people dream in three cases. The first is a sign indicating do on some of your red-haired friend. The second case is when in a dream there’s something disturbing in the red man, in this case, the dream points […]

Dream heel

Heel in a dream means status, position. Go heels, to know, to see, to feel high heel shoes — what to feel at the height in certain circumstances. Heel certain shoes — specifies all of the same characteristics of the symbol in relation to the circumstances characterizing this shoes. Look at the names. Character Shoes […]

Dream chick

In dreams Chicks symbolize children, childhood, birth. The initial stage of development of something. Bird with Chicks — a symbolic reflection of the parents and children. Nest with Chicks dreaming to family happiness and prosperity in the house. Chicken – little, in any sense, aspect of nature (look at context of dream) or the beginning […]

The book of dreams threshold dream

The threshold in the dream is a boundary, the distinction between the different States. Entering into a new relationship, a new state, new life. Generally associated with the transition between the inner and outer world, and also points to the periods of life into before and after. For example, if you dream that someone comes […]

Dream interpretation passenger

Passengers in a dream symbolizes the people who are involved in the situation. For example, the driver or the one who goes behind the wheel – in control, in certain circumstances, he is the main one who decides and governs, including people who are relevant to the event with him. Passengers are usually passive in […]

Dream beach

The beach almost always indicates a time or period of rest. The value of the coastal strip has another characteristic, as these characters often have some dreams, compare their interpretation to the vision of the overall picture. The coastal strip is a symbol of a border state, selection, decision-making. See this symbol separately. Typically, the […]

A dream about the date

I dream of a sanatorium or something…my family and I go down the hall … go out into the hall …there is a round or oval table large oak, sitting at a table by the doctors or the doctor and nurses something like that…and ask me «what is your bubushka (well meaning recovering)» …grandmother already […]

Dream prophecy

Guess in the dream at hand — the news that will allow you to understand intricate relations. Any prophecy of a Gypsy in a dream — to cheat, and touch in life it will be something you very much want. If you wish to implement your intentions, in any case, after such a dream, do […]

Dream to penetrate

Penetration during sleep. If in a dream a dreamer sees the process of penetration – common sense is making something something or someone someone. Here are important items of penetration. As well as the subsequent reaction to the process. As a rule such action

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