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Dreams Come True Dreams AIST

Before you lose a child (during pregnancy), I had a big stork that I was propositioned (in the dream I felt the pain from his bite). A stork in a dream. Interpretation. AIST – news of the conception and birth of a boy, as a rule, dream parents. If the dream is threatening — possible […]

Dream iron in the dream

Iron in the dream of someone or something to be pleasant or at least positive, is to get some sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Any gentle, pleasant touch are the symbols of «good contacts», and then you can determine the plot of the dream, what it concerns. Any unpleasant tactile sensations when communicating in a […]

Dream dance

To dance with a man in a dream — to well-being in a relationship with someone dancing. But, as the dance may be different, say: what is dance, so is life together or relationship. Almost always the «character» of the relationship can be determined by «character» dance in a dream. Beautiful and synchronous dance (if […]

Dream interpretation military

Military means first and foremost «rebellious» is a common characteristic of the symbol dreams. Almost all the subjects of dreams, in which there is any military themed or otherwise indicate conflicts with other people or confrontation in certain situations. Often in such dreams the dreamer is in the midst of war, trying to hide, to […]

Dream interpretation smoke

Smoking man in a dream symbolizes unbalanced, experiencing a person or situation that will cause anxiety, insecurity and emotional distress. See the Blogs of Magikano discussion of sleep «to smoke marijuana in my dream» Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another carries information. It can be a direct reference to some event or […]

Dream interpretation old woman

Old people, old and elderly people in dreams is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge (if in the dream they are friendly and pleasant), as well as illness, sickness and jealousy if they are ugly and work against you. Also, look for the icon «Witch witch» Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another […]

Dream evil

Anger in dreams always indicate an actual negative emotions. It is necessary to remember, in dreams emotions mean emotions, that is, ourselves, in contrast to all other actions and events of life, «encrypted» symbols of our subconscious in dreams eloquently tries to show us a fragment of the movie called «my dreams», putting into action […]

Dream wounded

Wounds in dreams often mean that in real life against you, someone speaks, acts, tries to make you do things you do not want. That is, goes against your will. Because the weapons, which inflict the wound is additional characters, in any case, denoting the ability to resist you and personal characteristics of people in […]

Dream beaten

To be beaten in the dream — to prosperity, luck and good news. Paradoxically, but it is a symbol — shifter. If you see yourself beaten in a dream, but no injuries, wounds and blood, the dream foretells you change your life to good times after the losing streak. Beaten and wounded people in dreams […]

Dream house late grandmother

In the dream, my former chief of very high rank held a major meeting in the home of my late grandmother and I attended it. In the dream the house was bigger inside and nicer, but overall, like grandma’s house. What would it mean? A message from Artur77, 22.09.2015 11:28 Sent 14.02.2016 at 20:43 Your […]

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