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Dream high

Height in dreams indicates the level, position, advantage, status, potential, opportunity, significance. Tall people in dreams signify the status symbol of the situation or certain circumstances that they figuratively represent. If you see yourself in dream high, that is higher than you, the dream foretells success, wealth and recovery for patients. BLOGS MAGIKUMA — ONLINE […]

Dream interpretation naked

To see yourself naked in a dream — either to scandal or to loud glory and dubious reputation. Anyway — for others. If you are in this dream, a great feeling, so your situation is quite satisfied, even if the name is going to decline. If your nudity upset you or distress in any way, […]

Dream strong

If you dream you feel strong, so in real life, you can rest assured and go ahead to the end to win. You will find success and goal achievement. Sensations in dreams is the best indicator, they mean themselves, and unlike most dream symbols are not encrypted. Any characteristics of the action marked «strong» in […]

Dream a little

A small symbol could mean in dreams several aspects: negligible, humiliated, incapable, blind, «weak» against anything, helpless, vulnerable, sick. Little people in dreams often point to a person or situation is insignificant, rudimentary process or incomplete status, position. When we see ourselves small, in my life at the same time, we feel their insignificance in […]

Predictions Pugacheva injury

Vladislav: looks Like a real injury, I saw from upstairs. Then, circumstances: presentation, a lot of people. If it was situational circumstances, the «background» would be different. Like injury. And all will know — a lot of witnesses in the circumstances will be.

Dream crowd

A lot of people or a crowd in a dream indicate events that touch and a dreamer of many people, usually social changes or events of a public character. Sometimes such a dream can indicate a public action, that is, an event that will happen in front of strangers. The nature of crowd behavior will […]

Dream hunger hungry

A hungry person in a dream means a desire to achieve and the fear that he will fail. The intention of such a person will tell you the associated characters of your sleep. A hungry man symbolizes most of the fan who longs to be with you. Any hungry ugly or a sick man in […]

Dream earrings in the dream

In the dream, the earrings symbolize the receipt of important news, or indicate a change in my personal life. If earrings dreams of an unmarried woman, the dream may mean that soon she will be married life and the family home. The more expensive and will be more beautiful earrings in your dream, the more […]

Dream interpretation back

Back in a dream — symbolizes the strength of man, his strong-willed character, confidence, determination, ability to defend their interests, to oppose, to achieve the intended. All this, of course, the characteristics of strong and beautiful back in the dream. But there are also nuances. To stand or be behind someone, to have a protector, […]

Dream interpretation hands

Hands in a dream means opportunity: to take, to give, to protect all that we in life make with hands or can do in a dream reflected symbolically. I will add that the hands symbolize primarily personal strengths and weaknesses of the person at the time of the dream. Someone in the dream belong to […]

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