Lucid dreaming

The history of the actual illness and recovery — dreams come true

Six months ago, had a dream: I see my girlfriend who does damage to me, she angry at me and her evil sister and mother. I stand by the sink, it is dirty and old and spit blood there, and in my head the words: disease, illness, disease. Then I did not want to believe it, and it is difficult to believe that people close to you can do these things, the time is shown, and set into place. Now, she’s not my girlfriend.
Three weeks ago, a dream: I was in the park go across the bridge over the river. I went to the pond, it is all tightened with duckweed, Читать далее

Dreams come true Dreams Crow


I dreamed that a satellite antenna near the window sat a large black crow cawed, and a couple of times. In my hands was a large wooden stick, I flew up and with all his might at it. Itog- raven corpse. Fell.

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Dreams come true Dreams numbers and dates in a dream

Report 1. The numerical value of the year as an indication of the stages in the course of life


When I came to college, I was worried about revenue, and one night I had a dream: I see a mountain of ice, which cut through the steps, and these steps are carved dates: 1995, 1998, 2003 and even some year two thousand.

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Dreams come true Dreams red dress

Report 1. Red Dress as a reflection of the nature of love relationships

I had such a dream that showed not the future, as it were, in retrospect reflect events from the past, and so it was even clearer that it reflects the character of sleep, because the event has already occurred. Читать далее

Dreams come true dreams in sleep crash



Had a terrible dream that I had an accident and hung over the precipice, but got out of the car, and then the story is this: come to me, my grandmother and sister, and they say, allegedly My stepmother passed that I had cancer, I said that this I can not be feeling after sleep were disturbing … Читать далее

Dreams come true dreams in sleep crash


Dream come true about the runes

Dreamed a dream in the morning, was fulfilled on the same day, at the time I was engaged in the study of runes, I worked with them.

Song: Rune dreamed Hagalaz recorded even two or three times in a row, close-up.

Hagalaz — if briefly and in general terms, it is the rune associated with the natural forces of destruction, rupture energies of the elements. When mass disasters, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, abrupt and large bursts of energy similar to the energy of the runes. Читать далее

Bake in a dream and a lesbian couple — online discussion


Girls, Hello! If someone is a free minute, look, please, two of sleep. They are simple, I deciphered their own, but the theme of personal and private where I have started a complete stupor. So: 1) I am a former boyfriend standing at the counter, selling buns. I want to buy rolls, they are fresh, tasty, but then the guy suddenly starts telling me about how beautiful our baby. I’m at a loss, I do not understand Читать далее

Meet the Parents Man — the essence of dreams

Girls, hello! Affirmation made of pink flamingos from 21 to 22 November at the future with a man-create any family, but my message and hung there for moderation, and so want to know your opinion, so I copy here. Dreamed of following items: we are naked, in bed at his home (I do not remember if there was or not). Comes to his parents and his sister into the room and I just hide under the covers. Then he Читать далее

Akashic records

How to read the Akash?

To avoid the loss of valuable reports on the vast expanses of the Forum, it was decided to collect data on such dreams as a separate theme 🙂 So, if someone managed to hear something or see a repository of information about the repository and the like, where it is necessary to Читать далее

Alien dream

It happened to me something new to me, unusual and very exciting. I would like to share and in response to read similar experiences.
I went to bed last night. In good spirits, with the intention to hold the affirmation «Happiness is.» And I dreamed a dream, but I soon realized that he was not mine! Usually, if something to me in a dream, or I do not like to know that something is wrong I will fly, that is Читать далее

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