Lucid dreaming

Make a haircut in a dream …

I see myself in the cabin, I went back to work a hairdresser. In front of me working girl, but the administrator he was unhappy, she did not plan. They took me. The first client came in, a young model with a short haircut. Bleached blonde. I looked at her and thought: — I do […]

Lose and find shoes in a dream …

Good afternoon! Today had a dream which is not clear if anyone knows what it is, share your thoughts. Went somewhere in the bus, I looked at my feet and they bare no shoes. I immediately realized that she was somewhere lost her bag with slaps. And then after a few minutes, the solution bright […]

The old signs. How to kill a bad dream?

I want to share what she had learned quite by accident .. I told my mother, as she dreamed a dream yesterday is bad, she rolled over and have good dreams. I certainly did not understand what she meant, as it turned. «In a dream?» — I asked her. «No — he says — Dreaming […]

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