Lucid dreaming

Soul mates

Родственные души Магикум

I’m dreaming about you… True feeling of true love comes in a dream with incredible reality of consciousness to be around a single loved one — the second half and does not rest until the dream will not disappear and will not melt completely … But we did not let these dreams, do not want […]

Affirmation rules

Clearly determine what dream you want to have. You shouldn’t read more than one affirmation before you go to sleep. After you get an answer in your dream, don’t repeat this affirmation earlier than in a month (if not indicated otherwise in the affirmation). If the affirmation had other effect, e.g. healing dream or travel, […]

Dream practice with affirmations

Dream practice with affirmations

Dream affirmations are special verbal setups which contain symbols of mental world and so called keys – phrases in the Austronesian language transcribed into English. Each affirmation has a specific objective to achieve in a dream, each has been tried in practice by dreamers with various levels of experience. Since “Magickum” project has become open […]

How to win the lottery

How can I find the right combination of numbers and digits if no friends among the «psychics with phenomenal abilities? It is better to admit to yourself that no one else you would not say the cherished number. The person concerned wins is you, so do everything you. And

People from the past

Former again. A former sweetheart or lover in dream where something from your past with them let you know. This is a very generalized description, but the plot of the dreams you will be able to understand more details. For example, if your dream repeats something negative from your

Dream beach

Beach dream is the symbolic achievement of the goal. Usually, it refers to dreams in which shore is visible from the sea, rivers, ocean. Even better if you made it to the shore — it means that you can achieve prosperity, success, profits and so on. What you are currently in

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