Childbirth in a dream

To see the birth of a baby boy or girl in dreams means the following: if a woman dreams that she gives birth to the desire to have a child. If a man dreams of this kind – the desire to change your world, your life. If the dream is positive –a change for the better, if the negative is a bad sign. A better life may sink into oblivion, and the changes will mark the beginning of hard times. What is the meaning of these changes and why it can happen – you can define the plot of the dream.




The birth of a girl in a dream – if it is positive – precedes the miracle, the joy that came into your life for a change. Sometimes these dreams symbolize a new project or property. There’s a strange interpretation of his own subconscious, include the gender (male or female) of a new facility or project. It is difficult to put into words, but really just to banality. Almost all reports of dreams with symbols or multiple birth indicate it is something new emerging in your life. And the case in which you have invested (or the character of the dream that gave birth to the child) force, energy, perhaps money or some other material components, and if short — fed one way or another. It is a symbolic child. He carried and ready to birth. Here is the moment you see in the mental world of dreams.

Such dreams do not indicate trivial or simple everyday Affairs. This is an important change in a person’s life, playing a further important role in his life.

The birth of a boy – new business, project, embodied in the reality of the idea. Here the meaning of male and female, shown to us the subconscious symbolically, that the birth of a girl and boy’s birth is the birth you have an emotional, sensitive state, embodied in the reality of ideas, and active business tangible accomplishments in social life, the external world, society, society.

Give birth to a dead child in a dream — to the failure of the case, which was long planned and «bore», were prepared.

Birth in a dream a son or daughter means the same as that described above with the only difference that the new in your life will belong only to you. For example, such dreams often have before you purchase real estate, is furnished to the person or company that is solely owned by the person and so on, by analogy , I think you understand the meaning…

If in the dream your daughter had a baby, the dream indicates a new stage in her life, a new beginning, the birth of a new business, classes, for example, can this dream, if it goes to a certain school, get a job or start a business.

If in a dream a pregnant woman dreamt that she gave birth to a baby boy or girl, son or daughter, are dreams-preparing for the birth. They have nightmares almost always and all future mummies. As all pregnant women worry and worry before the birth. In order to unload the mind, our subconscious mind provides us with such psychological help and relieves tension and fears. By the way, dreams are very helpful and nearly all NH after you calm down and become more confident, even if the dream was unpleasant. He annulled all accumulated and contrived negativity of fear and worries.

To give birth to twins, triplets and so on is similar in meaning to the projects, the works and achievements. For example, one report dreams a woman dreamt that she goes to kindergarten, and there is gradually one by one included twin girls. And so she counted to the end of the dream there are ten of them. That is, it was desaturase. So, for a brief period she gradually opened ten subsidiaries which are engaged in the same industry.

To dream of a cow giving birth to a big profit in your family, prosperity and well-being. If giving birth to a horse will be a lot of work. Giving birth to a rat, you have a new enemy, and the mouse is in the environment will be a new unpleasant and despicable man. The birth of a dog in a dream means a new friend.


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