Dream a little

A small symbol could mean in dreams several aspects: negligible, humiliated, incapable, blind, «weak» against anything, helpless, vulnerable, sick.

Little people in dreams often point to a person or situation is insignificant, rudimentary process or incomplete status, position.

When we see ourselves small, in my life at the same time, we feel their insignificance in relation to that event. In reality, there is a feeling of insecurity, inferiority or humiliation.

If in addition to this symbol you see yourself in an ugly dress or a bad situation, the dream may indicate fear of some threat, weakness of spirit and lack of support.


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If the adult children having young…

a dream portends trouble and worries for children, many moms such dreams before the child gets sick and one will somehow look after, help and take care. At the sight of the child and the plot of a dream you can say what is not only the extent of your concern, but the reality of the threat of trouble.

If in addition to your feelings and emotions from the dream nothing happened, and in life, everything is limited to your anxieties. But if there were any alarming signs of wounds on the body, any negative characters, there is something to think about.

We must understand that dreams often warn the event itself, and if you are right your dream decipher, you can try to prevent very negative event in my life.

Reduced items or things in the dream…

This applies to any items from your dream, which became real or less than their normal value. Little items mean a reduction of the properties of real insignificance in comparison with that which they give. And toy sizes — a sign of the complete failure of the relevant characteristics and properties.

Small animals, reptiles and birds…

this characteristic of the symbol excludes the interpretation for the cubs. It concerns the adult, a normal animal, reptile or bird, but small in size compared to conventional (standard). Taking into account the interpretation of the species any characteristic, whether positive or negative feature, just becomes insignificant. Again, the rule works in relation to any aspect. For example: small evil crocodile is not a dangerous enemy, who wants, but cannot hurt you. A small elephant is a small income from the promising case. And so on.

Some little animals mean in dreams, younger friends or relatives. See separate characters.

Piggy dreams «Diminished man in a dream» — see the Blogs of Magicom dreams about the characters.

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