Dream beach

The beach almost always indicates a time or period of rest. The value of the coastal strip has another characteristic, as these characters often have some dreams, compare their interpretation to the vision of the overall picture. The coastal strip is a symbol of a border state, selection, decision-making. See this symbol separately.

Typically, the beach is always sandy, and it also has its own symbolism. Sand in dreams symbolizes a shaky ground, unreal plans, the instability and futility of the effort, and only in that case when in your dream you go, walk, run, or admire the sand, and most of the walk enjoy a dream means joy of life.


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Most often in such dreams is the sea, the mountains, the feeling of a nice warm wind.
There are still a symbol of Golden sand, which is sometimes found in dreams. If you had such, then you are in reality closer to the time of peace and prosperity. And, of course, other aspects of the dream. I think that everyone who uses dream interpretation Magicum, already used to my reps: «the main emotional background of the dream is the first clue. What is the mood inside sleep, a feeling of events in reality». Emotions are not encrypted in symbols. Actions, events Yes. It’s all signs and symbols.
People often ask about the sand white, yellow, or there is a feeling of fine sand. That is, the perception of the dreamer — positive. This dream will indicate a period of quiet rest.

Hot, Sizzling sand on the beach, especially if you dream you are walking on it barefoot was a time of great patience. Well, if in this dream you left in the shade. If you are practicing lucid dreams, change the projection of the future, to influence events in reality.

If you dream of mountains of sand, or it was simply a lot of the dream indicates obstacles and losses.

To walk, lie down, sit on the sand — indicating the period of experience or an empty activity. In these dreams almost always the story of the dreams there are more symbols from which you determine what is affected by such actions or events.

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