Dream beaten

To be beaten in the dream — to prosperity, luck and good news. Paradoxically, but it is a symbol — shifter. If you see yourself beaten in a dream, but no injuries, wounds and blood, the dream foretells you change your life to good times after the losing streak.

Beaten and wounded people in dreams directly point to problems, shock, emotional and psychological difficulties (i.e., conflicts, deadlock), and if the wounds are blood — a dream can indicate a physical wound or illness.

To beat, to beat the child to success in a difficult case, which haven’t given you peace of mind.


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Beat in the dream the dog will hurt the other. To fight with cats in a dream means sickness, and beat the cat or cat — disappoint-or, rather, upset with his behavior of the partner in terms of relationship.

If in the dream, I beat you without wounds and blood and finally your life will end a series of failures. All is now adjusted.

Beat father or mother disagrees with their actions, which you cannot fully Express them in life. Same thing when in sleep hit a brother or sister.

If your man in a dream, pale, looks ill or beaten up, sleep to the bad changes and troubles. First they touch your guy, but also you will worry much. A man in a blood dream for danger, accident.

Beat in the dream on the head will cause their actions to someone very serious damage. People will be upset for a long time to get rid of stress.

Very well to beat a rat in a dream — a sign of victory over the enemy. And if you kill it, generally the best option. If in the sleep did not work, use the affirmation «my Foe, farewell forever!»

Beat in the dream rival or a mistress of her husband if caused her injuries very well. So, you win. And Vice versa.

To beat the deceased the deceased will stir up the old and organize the proceedings, the cause of which has long remained in the past.

To beat ex-husband or boyfriend can not calm down and forgive him. But if in a dream of plenty came off and well pounded, then finally released him from itself, and begin to live your life.

Beat in the dream dishes — a very bad sign, which indicates a rupture of relations. Whose crockery in a dream, about those relationships and speech.

Beat in my sleep with a stick — then act decisively. If the fight was won – could sway the situation in their favor. If in a fight (a fight seen in the plot of the dream) get injured, the wounds – the consequences of the showdown will cause a lot of trouble. If you dream of fighting people, a warning to be careful not to get into other people’s business.

To beat a man in a dream to clarify the relationship, but most often to disagreement or opposition to something. Same if you beat the enemy in the dream. To see the battle from the side – to witness the confrontation, litigation. Victory in battle, success in business, will be found out of the difficult situation, recovery for patients, financial success, luck in love. To lose the war – the loss, damages, illness, disappointment and loss.

Mean or want someone to beat — means the desire to prevail, to restore justice. If in the dream someone has a knife is a strong and dangerous enemy. He has a significant advantage.

To fight with any stranger in a dream means trials, and loud, public. In General, using such a symbol in a dream is visible to the emotional and mental reaction of people in between them. The mental world of dreams is a field of perception in an altered state of consciousness, consisting of thoughts and feelings of the dreamer. And if someone someone is kicking in a dream, then in real life he «reacts» to a specific person or object. Of course, in life, we in most cases their anger «hide the fist», but the essence of the reaction remains the same.

If you dream you are fighting with your woman, girl, boyfriend, man, husband, wife, in short with your loved one — a dream to prosperity, peace and harmony between you in the future. Very often, these dreams after a period of strained relations or differences.

Beat them on the cheek or face is the same, often an additional aspect of these dreams is a feeling of vulnerability or hurt feelings of the one who was beaten. Beat husband or wife in a dream for treason is a category of dreams for the discharge of the psyche. Thinking, have gained in myself negative emotions, and the subconscious mind thus purified psyche. Look at your DREAMS — HEALING.

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