Dream bus in the dream

Had a dream about the bus. The situation in which you find yourself with a certain group of people. Since a bus is a transport vehicle, it can be casual companions.

But the event just will not touch one dreamer. If it is a dedicated transport, you will be able to determine which group of people will be involved in the event. Because the bus usually doesn’t change your itinerary, you will not be able to control the situation. This is an important aspect.

Take the bus — changes associated with the change of direction, and problem solving. It is difficult to explain why bus travel in dreams point to it on the problem situation, but in 93 percent of dreams involving bus trip — reports transcribed dreams contain information about subsequent events negative.

The main factor is the situation in society, the collective, social environment. Exactly where you used the bus as a vehicle. To ride the bus is to be immersed in such a situation. Get off the bus — to solve problems. Miss the bus — not being able to solve problems.


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