Dream chick

In dreams Chicks symbolize children, childhood, birth. The initial stage of development of something.

Bird with Chicks — a symbolic reflection of the parents and children. Nest with Chicks dreaming to family happiness and prosperity in the house. Chicken – little, in any sense, aspect of nature (look at context of dream) or the beginning of the birth of the case project.

If you dream you saw a chick any specific birds, to interpret the dream have given the symbol of this bird. In any case — this is the aspect of the event which it represents. See separate titles.

To leave the nest – reliance, independence, growing up. To hatch a chick from an egg –birth, coming into the world, so it could be an allegory of the events. See «egg» and «chicken eggs»

Empty nest without Chicks or birds in your dream indicates disappointments and unfulfilled hopes.


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