Dream crash in the dream

To dream of an accident means the feeling of failure. But most often it is the fear of failure. In most accident cases reflect the fear for the break up of any relationship, failure in business, business, as well as feelings of anxiety for the people close to the dreamer, fear for their lives.


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If the accident in the dream were fatal characters, trauma, it is necessary to consider the aspects of each character. If this applies to a close relative fear for his life and health, anxiety, thoughts of his death. Just a friend to you, to which you have no special attachment – perhaps you’re about to learn or hear about unpleasant events in the life of this man. Stranger – if you’re in a dream just a bystander – in the same way you will be witness to trouble anyone; if in any way interact with the character (characters) sleep unpleasant events may, to some extent, affect you.

Your death – you need to be very careful and attentive on the road (in any case).

The main factor in dreams with accidents: the closer you character about whom you care, the more likely it is that your dream – fear for a loved one. The cast of dream characters who are not you friends or even strangers often point to the actual situation, as well as symbolically indicate «emergency» in any sense of the event.

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