Dream crowd

A lot of people or a crowd in a dream indicate events that touch and a dreamer of many people, usually social changes or events of a public character. Sometimes such a dream can indicate a public action, that is, an event that will happen in front of strangers.

The nature of crowd behavior will be judged on the nature of the event. If the crowd is quiet and you’re in a dream did not feel aggression, fear, anxiety, and the event will be good.

If in the dream you heard the roar of the crowd, felt the fear of her possible danger, trouble, and turmoil.

The crowd is beautiful and joyful children heralds a time of achievements and prosperity. If the kids were scared or in a bad mood, the dream indicates your own mistakes and as a result, the ability to mess up the course of Affairs (what do you do: work, business, projects, and most of all — relationships with partners — this applies to personal life and business).

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