Dream dance

To dance with a man in a dream — to well-being in a relationship with someone dancing. But, as the dance may be different, say: what is dance, so is life together or relationship. Almost always the «character» of the relationship can be determined by «character» dance in a dream.

Beautiful and synchronous dance (if in a pair or in a team) always means well being and success of any business. As a General principle of interpretation, is necessary to decipher the presence of people in the dance, as the symbol of the «people». With whom dance with the business or relationship, partnership, Union.


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Dance with a man for marriage. This usually applies to slow (and couples) dances. What dance is and life together. If you dream you gave you a ring, wait for offers. Ring, given to men in dreams represent the Union, the marriage, the family (if the ring was gold and the whole).

Another way to describe the dance in my dreams as a joint action in reality. If all characters in a dream unknown, and the dance is beautiful and harmonious, the dream means that a certain case (usually some kind of work or activity that is entirely dependent on your abilities) you will be successfully implemented.

Ugly, ridiculous, wild dances, and any irregularities in the movements, interrupted by dancing, falling while dancing, — all are symbols of failure, rupture of relations, the collapse of the Union.

Yet is it the place of dance (if the value was in the dream plot). The place of dance is a field of action in reality, involvement in a particular sphere of life, work, accommodation and so on. The value definitely makes sense in the time of the dream events in reality.

Dance one is the allegory of a «solo» in any case, indicates success, the achievement of a specific person (who danced).

To dance at all or in a public place means the same (similar) your action before the «world», i.e. in front of people. Almost always as «visible» actions, causing resonance in the society. Dance in the dream and the reactions of people (and it happens in the plots of those dreams), you will be able to understand how you implement a business and how it will react.

Dancing children in a dream — a sign of good things, a joyful and pleasant for you.

Oriental dance in a dream means that you have to work hard in order to captivate and interest. However, once you stop doing it, the interest you lost.

Whirl in the dance — it means that you «lose your head» from love.

To dance means to «make an offer» in this or that manner, that is, to propose to someone in a relationship, themselves. This can be both explicitly and covertly in real action.

Wedding dance is a symbolic allegory of family life. Very often such dreams «visible» nature of the relationship in marriage.

Dance on stage — the desire and ability to draw on themselves, their abilities the attention of a large number of people.

Dance with the dead means the failure of the plan to do.

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