Dream earrings in the dream

In the dream, the earrings symbolize the receipt of important news, or indicate a change in my personal life.

If earrings dreams of an unmarried woman, the dream may mean that soon she will be married life and the family home. The more expensive and will be more beautiful earrings in your dream, the more successful will be your family life and higher material prosperity. Often at this point gold earrings. Silver earring means protecting your family life and your marriage. Usually such dreams priznannoy events indicating such need is to protect the house and the marriage, the family. You have such a protection will be.


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Pearl earrings — K of fidelity and love. Diamond — best Union and marriage to wealth. Earrings with rubies dream of a marriage based on passion. In General, any precious stones in the earrings show a strong relationship, a strong love and a strong Union. Then look at the names of precious stones. If in your dream earrings were the usual jewelry, any relationship will be temporary and not serious.

Broken earrings signify a rupture of relations. The same thing will happen if you dream you lose or take off your earrings. The only difference is how your separation will happen. If you happen to lose everything besides your will to happen. You will lose not only his happiness, but the luck turn away from you. Change the Projection of the future! If clear, then the true solution will be to go from you.

To see earrings in the ears — to the marriage for the unmarried and the long-awaited good news for the rest. Ring and earrings at the same time can mean the addition to the family. Wear them, and to accept the offer, make the decision. To give up their earrings so foolishly or naively give their happiness to someone (send another character).

If you dream you stole a pair of earrings, someone can ruin your marriage or Union.

To choose earrings is to make a choice under the circumstances. To try to want to offer of Alliance.

If the earrings in your sleep you gave, wait for the fateful and happy change.

If you dream you found the earrings, soon you can expect a big and good change. You will meet your fate.

To see earrings on the other — to the regrets of his disorder or to envy other people’s happiness.

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