Dream evil

Anger in dreams always indicate an actual negative emotions. It is necessary to remember, in dreams emotions mean emotions, that is, ourselves, in contrast to all other actions and events of life, «encrypted» symbols of our subconscious in dreams eloquently tries to show us a fragment of the movie called «my dreams», putting into action in everyday life.

The anger that comes from a man in a dream indicates primarily on the interaction or intersection with the character of your dreams to fall and at best, you’ll be able to simply retire. Although, I must say that, as in any other dream, it is necessary to pay attention to one detail and the whole story. What happened? What was the end of your sleep, did evil people to harm you.


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We can say only that someone is against you. If in this dream you were angry, in reality, can someone throw out the negative, by arranging the proceedings, and even fight to start.

Angry wife to husband or Vice versa suggests that, after the strife between the two of you finally will be peace.

Angry animals in dreams — by definition symbolize the negative characteristics of the animal. But as a symbol of the animal means first and foremost the nature or habits of a person, we can say someone «sharpening the spear» or wants to «stick a knife in the back». As for dreams, here the symbol of «evil animal» even more negative than the characteristic symbol of the «evil man». Animal habits — not to the person of Homo sapiens.

See animal symbols in the Dream book of Magicom separately.

If you dream you see the anger coming from someone else, but you do not have an fear, fear, your fear of reality about some situation or person — in vain. All right, you will not cause harm.

Your own anger and irritation in my dreams, which, incidentally, is almost always accompanied by another feeling — despair, saying that in reality, you can not leave the «vicious circle» some problems in your life.

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