Dream heel

Heel in a dream means status, position. Go heels, to know, to see, to feel high heel shoes — what to feel at the height in certain circumstances. Heel certain shoes — specifies all of the same characteristics of the symbol in relation to the circumstances characterizing this shoes. Look at the names. Character Shoes look separately HERE.

Broken heel – the rupture of relations, the end of the period, when you felt or thought was «on top».

Lost heel of a loss of status or relationship.

To be in heels — the height of position, very often such dreams — to new Boyfriends, to the worshipper or the lover.

To go in my sleep for the person — very much to meet him.

The higher the heel or sole, platform of your shoes in the dream, the higher, the stronger your position in certain circumstances.

See separate interpretation of the character «Go»

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