Dream hunger hungry

A hungry person in a dream means a desire to achieve and the fear that he will fail. The intention of such a person will tell you the associated characters of your sleep.

A hungry man symbolizes most of the fan who longs to be with you.

Any hungry ugly or a sick man in a dream foretells anxiety and trouble.


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Hungry children mean that in the life of someone from the people close to you so your lack of participation, warmth or attention that they feel unhappy at heart. If in this dream you see a friend you child, most likely the dream to himself indicates. If you are unfamiliar child in a dream are bound to be additional symbols indicating the situation or the person in respect of whom the indication in the dream.

Hungry cat — the lack of physical contact: fondling, or sex, or simply human presence and participation.

Hungry dog — lack of communication with friends (or any specific other).

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