Dream interpretation advance in the dream

Advance payment, earnest money, advance the plot of the dream means that we received ahead of time, and to close your account, we still have, because the money we took in advance, in advance.


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Such a dream may indicate a new good job. The more advance, so it will be more profitable. Of course, if his sleep got you. This dream suggests that it concerns you. By the way, the advance of new profitable work is not only duties, but also any types of earnings, including exchanges, interest-bearing deposits in banks, loans to other people. Money — as a financial instrument.

To give an advance to provide service, assistance. It may be that and free of charge. Usually in dreams often get an advance than they give. As in life, often there are situations when a person has a debt. Whether it is psychological or emotional concern, or a financial relationship. When a man gives anything, he’s less fussy. If in a dream, giving something upfront, you have experienced negative emotions or the sleep was heavy, most likely a debt will be a problem.

Also see the symbols «money», «Bank», «salary».


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