Dream interpretation cow

Cow in dreams symbolizes the situation in the house or the farm. Either directly or indirectly, this character will be related to the state of your Affairs and to mean prosperity or lack of it in various forms. Therefore, it is important in what aspect you saw cows in his dream.


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To milk a cow or to see a full udder of milk — to wealth and prosperity, the welfare of home and family, to a successful transaction. If you are in your dream you see someone milking a cow, the dream indicates that this person is using you as a source of income for their own purposes. The plot of the dream you will be able to determine and detail such a relationship. It is possible that the dream was not a coincidence and you just use.

A herd of cows, many cows dream to prosperity and well-being.

Herding cows to prosperity through your own efforts (or someone they pass in the dream).

Cows and bulls — profits in the family, where men and women bring prosperity to the house.

A pregnant cow is a symbol of the near future income.

If you had a cow and calf or if a cow calved (gave birth or giving birth) — to fulfill the desires associated with achievements immediately, or over time, will become a source of income.

Black cow, if it is groomed and healthy — the hidden profits, there is a view that you can have an income which will hide from someone.

White cow — a sign of wealth and fulfillment of desires.

The red cow indicates the income received by someone of the relatives and brought to the «common pot» that is in your family.

Red cow (beautiful and healthy) is a sign of big money, as in itself the red color is a symbol of sustainable wealth and prosperity, and the cow is the symbol arrived in the house. In this case all the signs in symbiosis — enhance their action.

Attack cows, dreams in which the butting cow, mean disease and humiliations, frustrations. If in your dream the cow thus has caused you injury, gored or bitten, sleep — to the failure of the plans or the collapse of the family. Change the projection of the future!

Mad cow, the evil — a sign of possible loss due to your mistakes.

Cow with horns, if she’s not attacking you is a sign of protecting the well — being of your home. Such dreams are dreams in case «protection work», that is a danger to your Affairs.

The cow in the house indicates the status of the income in it. And then define by values, as it makes sense — what is the state?

The cow in the water, if beautiful, calm and healthy — a sign of pleasure from material goods.

Flying through the air, the cow is a sign of unexpected profit.

Cow’s head — the idea of earnings and income.

The wounded cow to the losses and damages.

Dead cow — a sign of the failure of the plans.

To run away from the cow, if she is chasing you in the dream may mean that you unexpectedly receive a large profit.

To kill a cow, slaughtering or cutting into pieces is a symbol of enrichment from work which was brought to an end (for example, if you sold the business, you will receive a money, but your case will be over for you). In appearance or your feelings in this dream, you will see the result of your decision in this case.

To buy a cow for a good deal, through which you can strengthen your well-being.

To stroke a cow to prosperity in business through your own intuition.

A childless woman, a beautiful well-kept quiet cow can dream the birth of a child.

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