Dream interpretation fight

Quarrel, separation or withdrawal from loved ones in dreams. If a person turns away from you, turns back, throws, leaving you, the dream means that your relationship is upset. Such gestures or postures symbolically reflect a lack of understanding and support.

If we have our favorite, and this happens quite often, it means that you are «in touch» with the object of your thoughts and feelings. You are currently so focused on this person that just scan all his actions and even thoughts. Surprisingly, this natural ability almost all of us have a love or strong anxiety for loved ones. That each of us can use it daily, we do not even suspect. This requires an unusual focus on someone or something, and in this case, everything happens by the will of the entity that is you.


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All the dreams about our favorite — a full report on their work and intentions. And also about those events that directly affect your relationship. These are the dreams we need to solve already carefully deciphering all the symbols. Sometimes for years could have the same person in the past was a very warm relationship. And despite the fact that fate has not brought with him, he or she come in my dreams, leaving unforgettable feelings of tenderness, care and love. Such dreams are a continuation of your relationships, often talking about the karmic connection between you or kinship, although life is different and changes «flashy» attitude, making the amendment.

If, hand on heart, you can say that you haven’t thought about the person, and he himself had a dream, most likely that you received the signal on a mental level from him, that is, you thought about it.

In any case, if you want to learn «pure» truth without any impurity of your thoughts, train your skills lucid dream (if you know how) or use the install — affirmations, inducing prophetic dreams. Over time, this practice eliminates your ability to clear the awareness and control of dreams.

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«Symbols of relationship and love

The most unpleasant dreams about our loved ones, are dreams about infidelity. Here the same principle. We live, getting rid of stress, in dreams what you fear in life. There is one rule: if you had something you were afraid, 99.9% of the % that your sleep will not be repeated in life.

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