Dream interpretation head

Head in the dream symbolically reflects the consciousness, the ability of information perception and analysis, and is a symbol of «supremacy».

Big head means the various aspects of life in which you can succeed: the greatness, the talent, skills and fame to wealth and power in a certain aspect. Typically, this can be seen by the accompanying symbols of the dream.

Small head — to dishonor because of our own mistakes and errors, inability to make decisions.

Beautiful head — positive for the dreaming character of any sign. Mutilated, maimed, sick — negative.


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To have two, three or more goals — the ability to make unconventional decisions and find a way out of a difficult situation. After such a dream can know that from any unpleasant situation, you leave with dignity.

Shaved head indicates some limitations, often indicates a lack of implementation intentions.

A severed head (not yours) in a dream means often the loss of position. In such dreams usually dream about the heads of specific people, even if at the time of your sleep in reality, you don’t know who it belongs to, as events in fact, you will understand that it is a specific person.

Severed, severed, severed head is a symbol of unexpected events, stress, accident, but most of the events, which lose their status or position.

If the head is mutilated in the dream, a dream unfortunately.

Covered in either the head or covered ( as a symbol of the subconscious -«cover the head») — for severe illness or death.

If you took in any way the head of the enemy, the attacker, the enemy, the dream points to the satisfaction of ambition, the same kind of your involvement in the cohort of those in power.

Sometimes you have this eerie phantasmagoria, which you can see his severed head, but don’t feel fear or shock. This dream can indicate a situation in which you for some reason «lose your head» is a pure symbol of life, the subconscious mind gives it without distortion. Except that, in addition can be some other aspects, but they will indicate the circumstances.

Separate your own head from the body — a sign of freedom in different forms: recovery, relief, consolation.

Wet hair on the head or a wet head (for bald people) mean that people will not be able to control himself in certain circumstances, that is to be under the influence of emotions to make decisions. As a rule, it does not indicate a bad situation or negative emotions ( if only the hair or the head is not dirty, or there are no other negative characters). This symbol is wet hair, which is usually found in the records of a dreamer, in a state of strong love or emotional attachment.

To wash your hair or wash your hair means to get my thoughts in order. Often indicates the end of the period of troubles. Dirty head — the symbol of disease, mental disorders.

Gray hair often dream to experience. Sometimes that’s the man with gray hair. So having a stranger at the time of the dream people, and this sign is their characteristics, additional description.

Caps, hats, scarves, veils and headgear that dream has already put on his head, indicate the stress or shock, the news, news that will worry you.» Symbolize the attempt or the desire of the man in the hat, to protect, to conceal, to hide your head» because of some problems. Depending on the headgear, you can determine the circumstances and your reaction to them. Black — stress, and unhappiness. Dirty — usually to the disease, there may be a mental disorder and any neurological pathology. Veils almost always means a change in my personal life. Scarves — the care of children. Hats — a situation of social or public nature.

To wear in the dream on the head of a beautiful headdress to a good change, success in your endeavors.

If you saw in a dream horns — the dream means betrayal. Down the symbols of the dream disassemble, who betrayed whom, or in respect of which the «works» of this character.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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Any actions with the head or the head point to the actions of people and the consequences of such actions. Shot in the head — the desire to get rid of the man, removing him from the road. To see how someone shoots someone in the head big news, the news about the conflict other people ( you only become a witness of the situation).

The head of the deceased (now deceased person) — dreams to memories, talking about it people.
The sleep of the dead head means the inability to make decisions and act.

Hit on the head — the desire to make people think, as well as dissatisfaction with the way a person does.
If your dream was hit on the head, the dream indicates a person or a situation in which you try to confuse, deny the possibility to act independently and attempt to forcibly subjugate or even get rid of your presence. If in this dream you got a head injury, a dream warns about the negative consequences of such events, sufferings, and losses.

Head shots in dreams symbolize the receiving of bad news.

A dream about a broken or punched the head portends the stresses, anxiety. If in the dream, a head wound with blood, a dream may indicate a real accident.

The blood on the head could mean feelings for someone from blood relatives.
Stroke (stroke) someone’s head — trying to take a person your own decisions.

Talking head — a symbol of the speaker’s subconscious. Everything that «she» will utter things should be treated with attention and try to understand the meaning. As in most cases, such information is encrypted symbolically.

A baby’s head, baby’s head — a symbol of the rash and immature decisions.

If you dream you are standing on your head, the dream indicates a wrong vision of the situation.

If you dream you have spoiled bird on your head — sleep to the bad news, instead of the expected joy.

Scratching in a dream head — to be in a quandary.

Baldness and receding hairline on the head means bad luck in current Affairs, losses and disappointments. A bald patch with flaky skin may indicate disease.

Dandruff in hair is a dream for trouble.

Any insects: lice, ticks, fleas on the head during sleep are the precursors to failures and experiences. Well, if you remove them or throw off. If you have no skills lucid dream, take advantage of special affirmation and change the projection of the future!

A wreath on the head

The blood on my head

The crown on the head

Painting in my dream head

Spit on the head

Heads of animals, birds and reptiles…

All following characters are the quintessence of images interpreted with consideration of all aspects of the dream, however, in their General description of the following:

— the main characteristics in deciphering the symbols of the «animal head» is itself a kind of head. If it’s the head (separated in any way) predatory animal, reptile or bird, the dream is an indication of a defeated enemy, the victory over the enemy, out of a difficult situation or recovery (see separate characters).

If the head will belong to pet birds, sleep is likely to indicate the loss of material wealth or trouble in the family.

Big head and small in size — the degree of manifestation of characteristics of the character.

To cut off, to cut off the head of the snake is to punish the enemy who opposed you. The peculiarity of this symbol is that as a result of your opposition as the hidden and explicit, you deprive the enemy of not only the possibility to oppose. Now he’ll be so preoccupied that I would forget about you.

Cow head separated from a body, the dream to the loss of a breadwinner or a profitable business.

The pig’s head — the sentence of a man who his disrespectful act has deceived your trust.

Dog’s head in your dream indicates unhappiness with a friend (or former friend).

Fish head symbolizes the main person carrying out a project. A lot of fish heads — the loss of proper direction in their actions. Most often applies to the Affairs, work, business.

The wolf’s head — the symbol of the enemy, who lost his position and power.

Horse head — to honor and respect, if she is not mutilated. Otherwise, poverty, heavy and bleak existence.

The head of a bull — the symbol of success.

The cat face, cats, kittens to shame and trouble because of gossip and conversations, which, incidentally will be the soil.

Rooster head (cut off) — a symbol warning of the danger for the family home.

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