Dream interpretation kiss

Kissing in dreams symbolize the true intention, reflecting primarily inner feelings to another person. Almost all dreams have the importance of the kiss and your feel for it. If you experienced in the kiss the good feelings and the process you like, the dream means that in your relationship with the person you kissed in the dream, all will be well, you are waiting for some changes or news from these people. Moreover, this also applies to favourite and to relatives (brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers), and friends, and to friends. The same value will apply to dreams in which you kissed or been kissed with a boss, colleague.

Nasty kissing have the following characteristics: the betrayal (kiss of Judas), deception, hatred, disgust. As a rule, in the dream, the feelings always stand for themselves. So remember and you will be able to determine your relationship with the character of your sleep.

Kissing with strangers means that your true feelings and attitudes is not yet implemented (a stranger to you in the present. Such situations in dreams reflects the characters of strangers). That is, the meeting, the relationship, events yet to come. They are, but not in your present time.

Kissing on the cheek is a friendly acknowledgement and consent in some issues.

Kissing in a dream means almost feet worship in a certain sense, and the one who kisses the feet ready to admit it.

A dream in which you kiss the hands of said about the patronage of one whose hand you kiss. It can refer to feelings or relationships. The dream plot and actors will be able to determine who has what role.

To kiss the fingers, it means «willing to obey».

Kiss on the neck — the willingness to obey and fulfill the will of him, whose neck kisses those kisses.

Kissing the shoulder means a desire of intimacy, however, concealed and veiled.

Kiss on the stomach — care and concern about the well-being of a man kiss.

Kiss in the back — a sign of protection, patronage and intercession.

A kiss on the forehead — a wish to the person thought and remembered.

Kiss on the lips, a thirst for recognition, close relationship (man — woman), the desire to be in unity. See for yourself in the relationships in my life — what it concerns.

Kiss in ear — news or news about who kissed. The news will be for you and will affect your relationship.

If you kiss a head — a dream means care and concern for your decisions or the choices and actions of someone he kissed.

A kiss on the nose — a symbol of unconditional obedience (sometimes excessive and unjustified).

Kiss in the chest — the recognition of desire, especially sexual.

Many confused dreams, in which they kiss, for example on the lips or passionately with blood relatives or vague acquaintances. Such dreams speak more about resolving the «irreconcilable contradictions», the adoption of the single output decision and so on.

Kiss on the lips is a gesture of complete acceptance and unity. I think this wording would be most objective to decrypt almost all of the stories of dreams with a kiss on the lips or passionately.

French kissing is the ultimate expression of each other’s consent, more like already a passion, an emotional response to something, rather than the solution.

Passionate kisses in my dreams, kissing with tongue, pass into the category of dreams of an erotic nature. See article:

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Kissing women with other men, or men with foreign women, talking about manifestation in the relations of greater understanding and rapprochement. If the kiss was nice! I do it several times again, because it has to decrypt crucial. If anything is not liked or pushed in the process, then your relationship to the second person will change for the worse, most likely you are done or actions to be disappointed. At least it will cover one episode in your relationship.

Reject the urge to kiss or not to reject the kiss — the desire to break the link with the person or end the relationship. Even if at the moment all is well between you, further relationship discord.

Kissing in a dream with the dead — this dream is a harbinger of worries and experiences, often a harbinger of illness or accident (this can be determined by what kind of death the deceased died, a dream in a dream). But if you dead myself no unfortunately.

To kiss the cross to humility and repentance, of resignation. Moreover, circumstances may be different.

Kissing the icon, help and support in any case.

To kiss with the loved one in a dream, if they were to kiss you, to love, and, mutual. A lot depends on whether you have a pleasant kiss in the dream. If Yes, then the relationship will be harmonious and will bring you joy. If not, relationships will disappoint you. If you are in a dream lover he kissed and it was unexpected or against your will (called a sense of misunderstanding, sadness, fear), then the dream portends separation and parting.

Married women and married men have a dream like that (if they were kissing with husband or wife, respectively) portends a happy family life, respect and understanding.

If in the dream your loved one kissing someone else, the dream is most likely caused by your own feelings of jealousy, even hidden. Here one rule, it is the most important thing! If you had what you thought, even fleetingly, or worried, they fear, your sleep — unloading of the psyche and in life will not happen again.

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Kissing in the dream children — to a happy long-awaited event.

To kiss a beautiful baby or baby — to joy and prosperity in your personal life, home, family.

To see kissing beautiful people (a couple) — a high-profile event.

Kissing a dog is to meet with each other.

A kiss with a Dolphin — the fulfillment of desires about which you for a long time and badly wanted.

Kiss the horse to success (if she is healthy and beautiful).

A kiss to meet, the news or the news.


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