Dream interpretation miscarriage had

In the dream, to have an abortion or want to have an abortion means the following: if is a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) — the rejection of something, it can be the rejection of the decision, the abandonment of ideas of relations, of communication with anyone. Since the process of conception and pregnancy comes as a result of the relationship between the partners, abortion may be the result of an outcome of a relationship with anyone. The affiliate can also symbolize a loved one (favorite) , and a business partner.


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If the abortion desmopressine – the loss of a relationship or breakup on whose fault. If the life of the dreamer has been validly abortion (this may relate to the woman with whom this happened, but also men, the partner who has undergone an abortion. In fact, he also lost the unborn child and his subconscious always , regardless of the relationship of man to the incident, will keep this fact in memory) – then the dream would mean the situation that will repeat the circumstances of the event that is incomplete, incompleteness, interruption, gap, failure to obtain results. Also, it may be fear of losing a child, fear for the child. For women this can be a signal of the body and need treatment.

For pregnant women dream about miscarriage means fear for the child.

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