Dream interpretation person

Dream interpretation person. Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another carries information. It can be a direct reference to some event or action, or indirectly, to symbolize about events similar to the past or human nature. The determining factors in deciphering dreams will have the following characteristics:

If this is familiar to you, then the dream will directly touch them or you and these people. If people are unfamiliar, it is likely that the circumstances seen you in a dream you are still unknown and the actors — as yet unknown.


Strangers in dreams are indicative for the actions of third parties in relation to you. And rarely — on events that you do not relate, however, such dreams are dreams of a dreamer, that is, people who are prone to dreams, their well-characterized or have developed the skills of active sleep.


Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books: Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords
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Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords
Amazon |

It is a place where the dreams and magic are entwined and the altered state of consciousness opens the door to another reality.

«Magickum» project of oneironauts.

You will be able to discover the sacred knowledge, travel through times in dreams, enter the dreams of others, heal yourself, find a way out of difficult situations. Receive intuitive clues to solve the problems of life and many, many other… The book includes real-life stories and mystical experiences, records of regressions and reports of oneironauts.

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This book is based on the hypnosis sessions data.

Actual data. Quite mysteriously, the archive of a self-taught hypnotist from the seventies of the previous century passed into the hands of my friend, a certi-fied therapist who applies the progressive hypnosis techniques.

And even more surprising was that the twenty-five years old records were kept for more than eight years, whereas it was relatively recently that the past life regressions were conducted in our country.

The archive was delivered by the girl who found it in the apartment she’d inherited.

It was appended with a detailed note concluded with the words, «The one, who will come across this archive, should continue the regression from the point where I stopped…»

Over a period of four years, more than seventy immersions into the past lives and the lives between lives were conducted.

The results were dazzling. With the permission of the so called «inheritance client», all the session records, including the archive, were transferred to me.

I have to say the things that happen in the people’s earthly lives are bigger than mysticism and cooler than esoterics. Every step we take is written in the Great Book, every decision is a choice to make, and every event is a case model. When the opportunity arises to de tank and get the 50,000 foot view of the life, one can’t help but agree with E. Cayce, who said,

“Humans are cosmic beings. A lifetime is a brief interlude of learning in an eternal pilgrimage through time and space… “

I wrote this book with the natural artistic imagination, having introduced the characters who belong in the earthly reality. As for the implication of events described in the archive, — well – its value will be shown.


Often in dreams we see family, friends and loved ones. All our dreams are primarily a direct reflection of all our thoughts. We nevidim in altered States of consciousness on the mental and essential plans, as a rule. As a result, all of our first night traveling show,» we continue our thoughts and emotions. And second of all — important developments not involving us directly.

Each of us will see in a dream everyday hustle and bustle, which incessantly thought a day than will the signal of the subconscious, which will make its way from the other thinking and feeling. And what a pity!

So. Who we most often dream about? The one we most think or care about.

And it is our loved ones.

All we saw in their dreams on them is primarily their own thoughts, emotions, fears and worries. Fear is the strongest emotion, you know. And it «works» as a trigger for our emotions, which we carefully hide in the subconscious. And our nightmares from their subconscious to get, and thus we are treated, released and purified.

How to relieve stress or to get rid of nightmares…

If we have our favorite, and this happens quite often, it means that you are «in touch» with the object of your thoughts and feelings. You are currently so focused on this person that just scan all his actions and even thoughts. Surprisingly, this natural ability almost all of us have a love or strong anxiety for loved ones. That each of us can use it daily, we do not even suspect. This requires an unusual focus on someone or something, and in this case, everything happens by the will of the entity that is you.

All the dreams about our favorite — a full report on their work and intentions. And also about those events that directly affect your relationship. These are the dreams we need to solve already carefully deciphering all the symbols. Sometimes for years could have the same person in the past was a very warm relationship. And despite the fact that fate has not brought with him, he or she come in my dreams, leaving unforgettable feelings of tenderness, care and love. Such dreams are a continuation of your relationships, often talking about the karmic connection between you or kinship, although life is different and changes «flashy» attitude, making the amendment.

If, hand on heart, you can say that you haven’t thought about the person, and he himself had a dream, most likely that you received the signal on a mental level from him, that is, you thought about it.

In any case, if you want to learn «pure» truth without any impurity of your thoughts, train your skills lucid dream (if you know how) or use the install — affirmations, inducing prophetic dreams. Over time, this practice eliminates your ability to clear the awareness and control of dreams.


The most unpleasant dreams about our loved ones, are dreams about infidelity. Here the same principle. We live, getting rid of stress, in dreams what you fear in life. There is one rule: if you had something you were afraid, 99.9% of the % that your sleep will not be repeated in life.

All our gestures, actions and words, the sleep environment, sensations and feelings within the dream — they all mean something and talking about something. Therefore, decipher the message and you will understand that between you is really happening.


To quarrel, to part or to withdraw from loved ones. If a person turns away from you, turns back, throws, leaving you, the dream means that your relationship is upset. Such gestures or postures symbolically reflect a lack of understanding and support.

To run, to catch up with the man in the dream — chasing the past, the desire to win someone back (the character is sleeping). Run for a stranger — the desire to meet the beloved person, to be loved.

Accompany person — to enable (opt-in) him to leave you in one sense or another (see reasons in my life).

Thick and «fat» people in dreams represent income and profit. In the mental world symbolically «weight» is recorded as «weight in a body.» Sometimes in dreams we can see a rich man, such a dream would mean favorable circumstances. Skeletal, lean, skinny (if they really are), as well as skinny, — mean problems, lack of money and experience.

People in the role vampires play in cases where sleep almost directly indicate that you will meet someone (if in sleep is a stranger, whose character and actions will cause a lot of experiences, and you in turn will lose energy and health.

Tall people — a symbol of status. Strong, powerful, stocky, people in the body — a symbol of wealth and power, patronage and protection for you, if the plot of a dream you have a good relationship.

Little often point to the person or situation is insignificant, rudimentary process or incomplete status, position.

People with any weapon: gun, pistol, knife, dagger, axe and so on, means aggression and attempt to protect your family or business. If in the dream a man had behaved aggressively towards you, the dream foretells problems, obstacles, quarrels and scandals. See symbol «weapons» and «assault.»

Drunk man (friend) in a dream means that he is in a strong emotional shock. The reason it is necessary to define the plot of the dream. Usually in these dreams are always related characters tips.

Red people dream in three cases. The first is a sign indicating do on some of your red-haired friend. The second case is when in a dream there’s something disturbing in the red man, in this case, the dream points to the arrogant and unscrupulous person, or a situation in which you «step over». A third option — a handsome man with Golden hair dreaming for a sincere lover with which you will be able to connect your life and live it beautifully, as you will be cared for and loved.

Nice and beautiful people of the opposite (in relation to the dreamer) the floor — always to events that make you happy.

Nasty, ugly people dream to sorrows, worries and troubles in life.

Men in dreams often point to cases symbolize Finance and provision. Women — feelings, emotions.

Dirty — to the insults and humiliation.

Patients — often to unexpected trouble, the change of plans, obstacles in business.

Naked, beautiful, seductive, familiar to people in dreams, where no threatening characters having a Frank talk, recognition. If it was a person of the opposite sex — to be open to feelings.

If a naked man was ugly, his nudity bothered or was inappropriate, the dream can mean illness or shame. In rare cases, death. But in these dreams there is still additional characters indicating «the end.»

Beaten and wounded people in dreams directly point to problems, shock, emotional and psychological difficulties (i.e., conflicts, deadlock), and if the wounds are blood — a dream can indicate a physical wound or illness.

All the emotions of the people in my dreams : anger, joy, hatred, madness — the stand for themselves manifesting in reality in varying degrees.

The young people in dreams is a symbol of youth, health, endeavors.

Elderly people, old, old men — wisdom and knowledge (if in the dream they are friendly and pleasant), as well as illness, sickness and jealousy if they are ugly and work against you.

Dumb people often leads to unknown circumstances, or the inability to influence the situation.

Smoking man in a dream symbolizes unbalanced, experiencing a person or situation that will cause anxiety, insecurity and emotional distress.

A hungry person in a dream means a desire to achieve and the fear that he will fail. The intention of such a person will tell you the associated characters of your sleep.

A lot of people or a crowd in a dream indicate events that touch you and many people, usually social changes or events of a public character.

The line of people stands waiting for some event in time.

Military men or men in uniform often refer to people of state-owned ( as many call them), authorities, bodies and employees.

The man in the suit usually indicates a business person or a business event.

Dressed in black — a symbol of danger or sorrow.

All in white — the joyful events. The exceptions are doctors and doctors. Symbols medical workers are watching separately. If in a dream were symbols of clothes, they also should be considered in accordance with the aspects.

Former again.


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