Dream interpretation plane crash in a dream

Dreaming about a plane crash means a dramatic event. The situation in which depression, a sense of «drooping hands» alarm. Events that undermine our self-confidence and permanently deprive the desire to dream of a better.

Important: if dreamer was in the plane when the crash occurred, saw her alone or in company with certain people, events directly apply to it or of the character of the dream that was present.


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If the crash occurred in front of many people is an event with the same characteristics, however, will occur in society, in society.

If you dream you were afraid of causing the crash (but before the end of the dream it never happened) is exactly the same in life will be the fear that it may happen something bad. But the event will not occur. See also: crash.

In General, any disaster in your dreams means unexpected, negative events. It is important to understand whether the touch event is you, or you still will witness. See the report of the dream «it All went to…» from the series «Unlocking prophetic dreams» in the project of oneironauts «Magicum».

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