Dream interpretation red

The red symbol means several aspects:, native, favorite people, Golden people, nature, cunning, arrogant, deceitful.

Red people dream in three cases. The first is a sign indicating do on some of your red-haired friend. The second case is when in a dream there’s something disturbing in the red man, in this case, the dream points to the arrogant and unscrupulous person, or a situation in which you «step over». A third option — a handsome man with Golden hair dreaming for a sincere lover with which you will be able to connect your life and live it beautifully, as you will be cared for and loved.


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Redhead handsome guy with Golden hair, the same dream to a sincere lover of the young man.

Redhead woman is a symbol of trouble, of hypocrisy and deceit, betrayal. The exception is people who are not can be a symbol or stereotype of the character of the dream, and which in reality have red hair.

The same can be said about the red girl. The only difference is that the person be a young age.

Red hair in dreams symbolize deception or betrayal. But I do want to mention, it makes sense that your feeling from this scene in a dream. Always, without exception, in the dream we call this process of awareness «inside the dream, the dreamer feels the hair as the emotion from the allegory of the «Golden boy» to «red bitch». Add to this the expression: «ginger fawn», «sly red Fox», «as a mangy Auburn bitch» and so on. As you can see in life the red color means different characteristics. So, again pay attention, if there is no clear characters, the most important indicator of a dream — sensations, emotions. They will say more than any words.

When in a dream you see what you want or have dyed your hair red, or just saw myself with red hair, but in real life they are a different color, the dream means that you are going to act fraudulently to achieve their goals. No more, no less.

Red Fox — a symbol of deception, cunning flattery.

Red cockroach in the dream is a relative with the same characteristics (unpleasant, Intrusive, can «bring» with them the problem).

Red kittens can mean younger relatives.

Red cats can mean lustful persons of the opposite sex.

Red dog almost always means very close to you. It can be favorite, beloved, wife or husband.

Bay horse, red — to the fulfillment of a wish. If he is handsome and healthy in the dream.

The red cow in her sleep if she is healthy and beautiful (here meaning without flaws), may indicate the completion of the budget in the family.

Red bull is often a symbol of the beloved, the bull itself indicates a characteristic of a person or as an aspect of physiology: a strong Constitution, or coreactant, or traits: assertiveness and obstinacy.

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