Dream interpretation shaving shave

Shaved bald head in the dream, indicates the limitations, the rejection of the past, from a habitual way of life, in connection with the inability to live according to the old standards. Can relate to almost all aspects of life, therefore, when decoding of the symbol sleep we must pay attention to the accompanying signs, as well as problems that actually are life time dreams. And they are, as the symbol of the bald or shaved heads in another case, and did not dream. Another thing, what will a series of changes?



When decoding of the symbol «shave and shave very wide range of aspects, options: who and under what circumstances shave. The main characteristic in the film is your own feeling within a dream, and if there was an unpleasant feeling, fear, confusion, any event that heralds such a dream is negative. At least for those with whom this was the action in the dream. If you care about this dream, try to change the projection of the future. If the dream ended on a pleasant note, know that everything that happens will bring changes that will ultimately turn out for the best.

Strangers shaved woman to feelings, distress, bad news (especially if in the dream it is unpleasant, ugly, or sick).

A stranger clean-shaven man may indicate trouble in business or work ( if in your dream he had a painful or disfigured appearance, and were any flaws, all the characteristics of a symbol are in the superlative degree of an expression).

Shaving private area (pubic) in a dream means loss of protective mechanisms in the field of sex relations. This is a warning sign of excessive naiveté, negligence and carelessness.

Shaving body hair in the right places , such as legs, under the armpits (as is the case in life, at least by you) — to excessive fault-finding ourselves in relation to the image, appearance. If you are not concerned about the appearance and condition of the body, the dream points to the possibility of losing money.

Pay attention again on purpose. If you currently concerned about hair growth or the lack thereof, or the appearance of the hair, a dream may simply reflect your thoughts and concerns. He really doesn’t mean anything. It’s a dream for unloading of the psyche.

To shave hair in unwanted places , such as on the hands ( where they usually don’t happen or don’t shave) — for losses of a material nature, and troubles. And to shave their eyebrows to shame, condemnation. Sometimes to disease, loss of strength.

A woman shaving in a dream — a dream almost always painful experiences regarding physical appearance (usually in front of such a dream in life you thought about it). If in your dream a stranger or unknown woman shaved face, the dream indicates a person who climbs the trick. The plot of the dream it is necessary to determine what relation it has to you (why you saw it in a dream).

If someone shaves you desire to profit at your expense, including fraudulently. If you shave someone with the same desire, but in a different sequence of characters.

Shave the man in the dream — a change of interests , if a man is familiar to you. If someone shaved his beard in a dream — a dream means the end of favourable period of life, followed by lack of money, and possibly unemployment.

Shave the hair does grow, — to the great profit and prosperity.


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