Dream interpretation slot machine dream

If you had a dream about a machine gun, a shotgun (any firearm), the dream means the internal state of aggression. The desire and ability of anyone to hurt, to punish, to hurt. As the gun – military weapons, aggression refers to social aspects of life of the dreamer. Their dissatisfaction with their life in General, resentment at injustice, a sense of insecurity. If the machine shooting at you – hit the public nature of the criticism.

Gun — a personal insult. Shoot at you, if a person of the opposite sex — the desire to please, if appropriate to your gender — the desire to take revenge or to hurt. As a rule, emotional background. If you shoot — the desire to achieve the goal. In the context of the dream will be able to understand what is.


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The gun — animal instincts: the prey, the desire to pick up something for yourself or to win.

To kill or shoot anyone in the dream of weapons is a sign of goal achievement, conquest, success.

Shots from the weapon (without reaching target) — the scandals and trial.

Just keep the weapon with him in a dream, to see him — a sign of protection and the ability to support in difficult times.

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