Dream interpretation someone else’s apartment

A foreign office — a repetition of the situation of typical qualities of landlord, sides of his personality. No matter, this man is an acquaintance or not, the difference is only in that situation with a friend – the circumstances will be repeated, as has already took place to be (ie, you are faced with), for those unfamiliar with you something will be the first time, so it is important to pay attention to the landlord or what the plot of the dream is known about him. At least some features of it will be .

The apartment of the enemy: if you are passive in your sleep, you are thus in the dream you see the state of his Affairs, you can consider peeping at his life). If the enemy you’re doing, come into contact with characters in a dream – a repetition of the experience acquired as a result of your relationship in varying degrees.

To be in a closed apartment or room – a desperate situation, a long hard period of life. Try to change the projection of the future.


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