Dream Interpretation stone

Dream Interpretation stone. Stones in a dream symbolize two aspects: challenges and achievements. Depending on what kind of stone you have seen in a dream, and under what circumstances.

If it’s just stones, sleep is likely to obstacles, especially if the stones in a dream you have on the road.

However, having overcome an obstacle, you will be able to overcome them and in life. If the stones are falling on you from heaven, or from above — it is one which is feeling in a dream — a dream harbinger of change of general nature, such as shocks related to politics, economics and any social innovations. Such changes do not depend on the dreamer and the impact on them is difficult. The most good there may be reactions such as shelter from the falling rocks. In this case, you can avoid the negative impact of shocks.

To dream of stones — a sign of possible future obstacles.

Boulders, huge great chunks of stone mountain stones — insurmountable difficulties. Although, if you have experience in lucid dreaming, in his next dream, you can in any way to overcome his handicap. If you succeed in life, you just decide your problem. If you are inexperienced dreamer, use the affirmation «From darkness to light» or «The projection of the future,» depending on the situation.

If you are in a dream flying stones — is a sign of someone stated, an attempt to discredit you. If you dream you see exactly who has thrown a stone, threw it in you — this is the person that you specifies. If you are throwing stones, in life you’ll be someone to blame and it will be made public. However, your actions will be known to all and that can hurt you in the future.

Many small stones — a sign of your uncertainty.

If in your dream you go down the road of stones and do not feel at this inconvenience, the dream shows your fear of the future. However, if you see something in front of a beautiful and very dream — you will like it, do not be afraid. If you will be an obstacle — it is only your fear.

Stones in the water — as a symbol of uncertainty and experiences.

You — a sensitive person. If the water is clean, your anxieties — empty and vain.

Any jewelry with precious stones represent significant accomplishments, achievements and success in their personal lives to whom they belong in a dream. Next, look at the names of jewelry, as in all their aspects and character values.

Find a gem means success and achievement, important event, through which you can succeed. The beautiful stone, the happier accomplishment. Usually in dreams stones «sense». Your sense of stone and again in life after come true foresight.

Collect gems in a dream — a sign that you are able to achieve its goals. Take action!

Diamond Rings — much to the happiness and well-being. As such dreams may indicate a great success, fame and fortune, if such a ring in a dream belongs to you, you found it, put you gave him or you got it kakimto way acquired.

Golden rings with precious stones always indicate a relationship with someone from relatives. If your dream of a ring rolled gem dream means that soon you will part with a dear person for you.

Silver rings with precious stones signify protection or business relationship, profit and success promising union.

Rings with stones is a symbol of authority, power, prosperity, wealth.

Pendant with a gem — a symbol of important changes in the fate, good and joyful.

Diamond Earrings dream to a profitable union and marriage, to wealth. Earrings with rubies dream of marriage, based on passion. In general, any valuable stones in the earrings indicate a serious relationship, a strong love and a strong union.

Bracelets with stones symbols ties. The more expensive the metal bracelet, stones and beautiful patterns, as well as the more beautiful the bracelet itself, the more profitable and acceptable for you to be your connection conditions.

Necklace with precious stones — a symbol of a happy union, the successful alliance.

Beads of simple stone — a symbol of the yoke is not the neck, relationships and obligations that you will have incredible burden.

gemstone color in a dream means:

Blue — protection, shelter, fulfillment of a wish.

Green — healing, good health.

Blue — the achievement of important global goal. It may be an indication of the birth of his son. See rings, earrings.

Red gem — a sign of passion, love and union.

Pink — a sign of youth and purity, gullibility.

Black precious beautiful stone — a rare sleep. Dreaming of people with latent abilities and the power and the means to achieve in certain areas of their lives. Just — a symbol of protection and strength.

Many multi-colored gemstones — a sign that your life will be full of achievements, in many important events, success and well-being.

Golden stones or bullion — a sign of the temptations and opportunities. It all depends on what you do and how to perceive them.

Precious and semi-precious stones by the names:

Diamond — the potential value, high social status. Firmness in the manifestation of the nature of the best of human qualities. Sincere person, true love, human kindness and breadth of the soul. The well-being and wealth.

Rubin — passion, passionate love. The power of the person to whom it belongs. Victory.

Sapphire — the blessing of heaven. The conception and birth of a child a happy child. Loyalty, devotion, inaccessibility enemies. The higher spiritual human qualities. The unconditional recognition of success, power, victory.

Emerald — protection from harm. Health and longevity. Happiness and joy in life.

Garnet (stone) — fertility and abundance, wealth and luxury in life. Renaissance and immortality. Sexuality, love and marriage.

Quartz — reveals the secret. Predicting the future prophecy, magical energy. Rarely who dream of quartz stones, more often — precious, if you had a quartz, rock crystal, you can be sure you have psychic abilities!

Opal — secret passion, impermanence. False hopes and illusions. Bad luck, bad luck.

Topaz — the favor of influential people, the powerful. Tip the right decision. Success in business entrepreneurship. Timely warning of the intentions of enemies, detractors. Dim, cloudy topaz — the destroyer of families, family happiness.

Pearl — the beauty of the human soul. The purity of the intentions and thoughts. Marriage, family life. Secret knowledge.

Rubies, diamonds, diamonds, amber, agate, — see separate meanings of the symbols in the dream book.

Semi-precious stones are almost always indicate the state of health and the methods and healing capabilities.

Simple colored stones — everyday chores.

Sea pebbles — nice event, usually dreams to travel, impressions, new acquaintances, however, came to nothing binding. Just have a good time.

Moonstone — protection symbol relationships, marriage, love.


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Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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