Dream interpretation the roof of the house to see

To dream of a house roof, a state of Affairs in your house. If the roof with a durable, good coverage, stable position, wealth, security. Fragile, puny roof – the instability, the precariousness of the situation in the family (if the roof of the house in which you live. The same can be said of the other buildings. Look at the context of the dream, whose house and roof, and include the interpretation). The hole in the roof – the risk from external events. It can be people, not family members and not close relatives. So it could be a public, social event and it will affect you and your family. Burning the roof – the illness, and fleeting.

To be at the top – position in society. To look down on everyone – a strong position and the fun of it all. Fall off the roof in a dream – if it has crashed or injury – an affliction, a dangerous situation. If fell, and it ended well – a personal transformation, when the fear of certain life circumstances is and confidence, the new attitude to life and self-assertion.


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