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To shave hair in unwanted places , such as on the hands ( where they usually don’t happen or don’t shave) — for losses of a material nature, and troubles. And to shave their eyebrows to shame, condemnation. Sometimes to disease, loss of strength.

A woman shaving in a dream — a dream almost always painful experiences regarding physical appearance (usually in front of such a dream in life you thought about it). If in your dream a stranger or unknown woman shaved face, the dream indicates a person who climbs the trick. The plot of the dream it is necessary to determine what relation it has to you (why you saw it in a dream).

If someone shaves you desire to profit at your expense, including fraudulently. If you shave someone with the same desire, but in a different sequence of characters.

Shave the man in the dream — a change of interests , if a man is familiar to you. If someone shaved his beard in a dream — a dream means the end of favourable period of life, followed by lack of money, and possibly unemployment.

Shave the hair does grow, — to the great profit and prosperity.


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