Dream interpretation was attacked in my sleep

Aggression, attack in the dream is a «reflection» of rejection and self-expression. In fact, in dreams almost all people are passive. And often find themselves in the role of victim, not the executioner, the pursuer or attacker. In most cases, the manifestation of aggression in a dream is a way of self-defense, self-realization, and manifestation of his intentions emphatically.


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If the aggression of the dreamer towards loved ones – a feeling of disagreement with their actions and protest. If aggression towards the dreamer – then you’ll find yourself in the role of the victim of harassment, unfair treatment to you.

Attack on you you see in a dream — if you received injuries, it may be advantageous for you.

The knife attack — attempt or desire to cause you damage. If there were wounds and blood — slander, humiliation, insult.

If he hurt you, someone could severely hurt you, and it will have bad consequences.

If you were attacking someone — will do the trick. Carry out the plan.

If anyone hurt, hence, solving their issues will affect the interests of others. A lot of options. You will be able to determine the context of the dream.

Attack on you bandit in a dream may portend difficulties in life. This is especially bad if in this dream you were afraid of attack or didn’t know what to do, were caught by surprise.

The attack of the deceased in a dream also means an unforeseen and unexpected difficulties and obstacles.

Attack dogs — you will betray each.

The cat attack dream to diseases and troubles.

Attack of the wolf is a bad sign. You have an enemy, and is strong and cruel. This dream indicates that you are going to cause a severe blow to out of the way. Someone you much in the way or prevented earlier, and now you will take revenge.

The attack of the snake in your dream indicates aggression on the part of a real enemy. Often indicates people angry, envious and unscrupulous. The attack of the Viper and Cobra or adder is the same, the only difference is that the Viper is the symbol of the man immoral and dastardly, Cobra — greedy and unscrupulous enemy, and so is a sycophant and a traitor.

Bear attacks in my sleep, usually to the fan with an unbridled passion or stupid and psychologically unstable man. If you dream of a man, and he sees such an attack from the side — maybe someone is making your girlfriend or wife. If you attack the dreamer — aggressive blunt person who can in any way «attack» on you in conversation, in communication.

Attack tiger, leopard or Panther — the danger from a powerful enemy, and the danger to life. You can significantly harm and interfere in your Affairs. Change the projection of the future!

The attack of a lion — you are in danger from people in positions of authority. Leo here indicates a male, and a lion is powerful and strong woman.

Attack lynx often means that the trap of the competitors.

Attack horses in a dream means obstacles in Affairs. Striker bull — a good symbol and sign of achievement and happiness, but to accompany your life there will be rumors and gossip behind your back.

Attack cows to material difficulties in the family. Attack of the pig — the dirty betrayal from the person who owes you.

Rat attack — the enemies, and people will be familiar of your surroundings.

If you’re in a dream felt the reaction from the attack, means, and consequences of the event affect you. If there’s a mark, a wound will be a long time to recover.

Attack of the vampire symbolizes not only the collapse, but the long effects. If you are attacked in the dream, zombie dream means that someone else’s hands you try to get even or to get rid of you. Succeed or not, will understand the plot of your sleep.

A separate theme in such dreams is astral attack. In total, all these dreams can be divided into 2 categories: when you «caught» a man with a very strong energy and the second option — energy impact through various techniques, including magic rituals. In such cases it may be advisable to learn to put the blocks in a simple protection. If you do not have the skills, use Affirmations dreams.

Assault witch’s dream — a separate issue, see the value of the symbol of the Witch.

Assault of a child dreaming of the obstacles on the part of those whom you are «nurtured» and who helped.

Attack in my dream spider — kick from the cunning and treacherous man, leading a double game. Such persons can never act spontaneously, they prepare their «raids» in advance.

If in a dream attacked by a crocodile or wild boar attacks and attacks by your open enemies. They apparently can hurt you. Change the projection of the future!

Wild boar — a man with an unbridled temper.

But the attack bat for sorrow from loss. Simple mouse is the enemy is not very strong and primitive. More of these people harm with their gossip and slander. But if you are still a mouse in the dream, attacked, hurt you in some way.

Attack Fox — meanness and backstage play against you, which will lead to losses. Almost always, the Fox symbolizes a woman, very often not a stranger stranger, but someone who is somehow accepted into your environment.

Attack of the fish often means the disease. If your dream was only fear, and life experiences will be more than reasons. But if after the attack left a wound or trace of the disease could be delayed.

Shark attack — the strongest blow of your arch-enemy, after which time you will not recover.

Attack birds dream to bad news

Geese news about damages and losses. Ducks — your plans were not implemented. Parrots — about the conversations that will harm you. Or in other words: the information about you that harm your reputation. Attack crows — loss, grief, severe stress, possible accidents.

Owl attack — could mean the news of the death. Attack of the chicken of the family quarrels, scandals. Attack of the rooster is a sign warning of the danger that threatens your home or family!

The attack of an eagle, and indeed of any strong birds of prey, means bad news, tragic.

Invasion and collapse of the plans, and lifestyles.

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