Dream iron in the dream

Iron in the dream of someone or something to be pleasant or at least positive, is to get some sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Any gentle, pleasant touch are the symbols of «good contacts», and then you can determine the plot of the dream, what it concerns.

Any unpleasant tactile sensations when communicating in a dream means disappointment because of the obstacles, troubles and discontent.


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If you dream you are someone deliberately stroked, in reality you will try to impose their will, desire, understanding and vision of some issue in his light.

Stroke (stroke) someone’s head in a dream — a desire to force to take a person your own decisions.

Iron your hair in a dream means the desire of reconciliation, the dream usually after a quarrel or strife.

Stroking beautiful or a big belly — to the future well-being.

If in the dream the man stroking women’s Breasts — the dream of the love story intimacy and pleasure from the meetings. Of course, if in the dream the woman was nice.

Ironed anything is to remove obstacles, often to reconciliation or truce. This can be determined from the plot of the dream (which stroked and failed?).

Stroking a cow in a dream — to prosperity in business through your own intuition.

Any contact with animals need to be interpreted as a symbiosis of the animal characters and actions in relation to it. By itself, the symbol of the «iron animal» means an attempt by the character in the dream to subjugate certain circumstances or to gain the upper hand in some respects.

See animal characters separately.

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