Dream keychain

To dream a bunch of keys — the same as and to possible, different options to achieve the plan. A bunch of keys in your hands – you can get what you want or to achieve the plan with the help of their abilities, possibilities and relationships. You have multiple projects or businesses in which you will succeed. Find in the dream a bunch of keys — the big prize or purchase that will allow you to get or achieve

Keys do not fit the lock – the wrong approach in solving problems. The period of failures, difficulties and disappointments. Give the keys to take the position, to lose the opportunity. If you dream you stole the keys to your life trying to intervene. Whatever the motives of the detractors, it will cause serious damage, as their actions aimed at the destruction of your life. This is a warning dream. Be careful and don’t let it control you or interfere in the Affairs. Try to change the projection of the future.


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