Dream shawl

In the dream, a handkerchief for the head symbolizes the receipt of the news, news that will thrill you, at least they will be the subject of constant thoughts.

Of course, there is a significant difference between, for example, silk exquisite beautiful and expensive scarf, which will mean care on whose head he would be in a dream, or dirty, or ugly black torn scarf. This dream was intense emotions.


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In General, hats symbolize the attempt or desire to defend, to shelter, to hide his head» because of some problems. Depending on the headgear, you can determine the circumstances and your reaction to them.

Shawls are mostly symbolize the care of children, relatives and friends.

Blue and blue — on sons or male relatives. Black — stress, and unhappiness. Dirty — usually to the disease, including mental disorders and diseases of neurological nature.

White scarves will almost always mean mental stress, like a white veil.

Shawls red color indicates emotional explosion, shock, and if the shawl is beautiful, it is an extraordinary event, causing a storm of emotions, but it is good for you. If such a red handkerchief in a dream anything goes wrong, then something will take you out of the rut and you will be upset. The red color of the scarves means prosperity and status. However, if in your dream it was very rich and good-quality handkerchief.

Down beautiful shawls in a dream — to stability and prosperity, to protect. But there may be protection, as your own in a certain situation, and someone strong and powerful.

Here’s a rule for a character comes down to understanding that the handkerchief in the dream is your own state of mind: calmness, confidence, or, conversely, experiences. To put yourself or someone a head scarf — the desire of protection. Almost the same thing — a scarf on the shoulders, with the only difference that your anxiety will be helpful that is you will be more afraid and want protection or assistance than it is necessary in this situation really. The so-called preventive measures.

To measure, try on, choose scarves — the choice of the direction of your actions.

New scarf — new ventures. In her mind you will be able to determine the result of further efforts and perspective.

To buy, to buy a beautiful scarf — for patronage and protection.

A handkerchief — a symbol of caring about health and appearance.

Sometimes the symbol of the handkerchief, given to someone in a dream means trying to influence you, your decisions and choices. In appearance and colour of this shawl, you will be able to determine whether it is safe for you to such influence.

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