Dream silver dream

Any silver things, objects or ornaments symbolize the overcoming of certain difficulties, as well as assistance and protection in difficult circumstances.

Silver jewelry mean protection, intercession and protection. For example, a silver ring is a symbol of protection from the envious, treacherous people, and as a sign of achievements, often points to the work, service, business, money. Donated someone a ring may indicate the Union proposal. What a beautiful ring, more stones on it, the more successful will be the Union.


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Silver finger-ring symbolizes an extraordinary person, describing the mind, talents, strength, status in the society. A new ring may indicate the birth of a noble offspring kind.

Silver chain often leads to a business partnership, Alliance, Union, project, and business.

Silver pectoral cross is a sign of protection, protection, protection. Having such dreams in cases when the protection is triggered.

Silver earring means protecting your family life and your marriage. Can symbolize the important good news that you’ve been waiting for.

Silver spoon dream to prosperity and well-being in your home.

Small silver coins dream to sadness and disappointment. If silver coins in the dream was of great dignity, there were many, the dream of a profitable business, the profits in the business.

Silver bracelet in a dream means a great deal, the Union.

Silver pendant is a symbol of protection in certain circumstances.

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