Dream strong

If you dream you feel strong, so in real life, you can rest assured and go ahead to the end to win. You will find success and goal achievement. Sensations in dreams is the best indicator, they mean themselves, and unlike most dream symbols are not encrypted.

Any characteristics of the action marked «strong» in dreams indicate a superior degree of influence of the symbol, which must be interpreted with this in mind. No matter the positive or negative characteristics he is endowed with, the degree of influence will be sufficient in both cases.


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If you dream you see that someone is stronger than you, you should be careful and prudent in communication, circumstances, or situation — they may be not in your favor.

The strong man — a symbol of wealth and power. A strong woman in dreams indicate traits of the character of the dream: the power of the spirit, the rod, strong character, and sometimes is a sign of a rich and influential women in reality. In this case, except for the sensation of force would be accompanying the characters, is tall and rich furnishings or interior items are the dream plot and view women.

Strong, powerful, stocky men in the body, is a symbol of wealth and power, patronage and protection for you, if the plot of a dream you have a good relationship.

Heavy rain — failures, frustrations and even danger.

Strong wind in a dream — a sign of the speedy and great changes.

A large fire in your dreams means unexpected danger, a fatal combination of circumstances, losses and damages.

A strong current of water in a dream means you are independent of circumstances that you will not be overcome, or it will be almost impossible. The plot of the dream will show you the result.

Fright or fear -to the unexpected bad changes.

Much crying in a dream — to joy. In this paradox there is really nothing controversial, just the ability to cry brings relief, especially if in reality, due to some stress or resentment, you can not calm down.

Strong bites, strikes, strife, conflict, trouble from enemies or competitors. But all these characters need to be treated separately and given the context of the entire dream.

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