Dream theft in the dream

If in your dream you stole, in reality, you are likely to be issues associated with result actions against your interests. It is important in these dreams to determine exactly what relates to this circumstance. The main aspect of the character «stealing or theft» is the deliberate action against you. Here we will not go on sluchaynostey conduct. Someone deliberately injure you, damage will make you some sort of action (theft in the dream is not always a bad sign). Or will you, if in your dream the thief is you. However, here I will be talking about your conscious decision to achieve the desired, even in a roundabout way. So.


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Stealing handbags have occasions where your personal life will become public property, and your secrets will be revealed. Stolen suitcase can mean a bad trip or disrupted plans: trips canceled, moving will not take place.

If you stole a bag or suitcase with documents, a dream may mean that you will limit the actions, you will not be able to realize its intentions because someone else’s intervention.

Any stolen documents — a symbol of the limits of your ability. Depends, what were the documents. For example, a stolen passport is the inability to make decisions in accordance with their personal needs and desires. Responsibilities, and the opportunity is lost.

Stolen bag with money means that you are waiting for the damages and losses.

Icons, stolen or abducted by someone in a dream — a sign that someone with their actions and deeds, will deprive you of the opportunity to obtain protection and assistance.

If the ring is stolen, the dream breakup somebody else’s fault. You could say that your happiness, someone stole. Of course, if the ring was beautiful and you expensive.

If the thing is made of gold, jewels you have stolen, the dream means betrayal, dashed hopes, however, in your case it will be thanks to the actions of some people. The plot of the dream you will be able to determine who you «helped»

Diamond Heist dreams to big losses the breakdown of relationships between the lovers, may indicate the collapse of plans and hopes. Return through the dream of your diamonds! See Affirmation «Pink flamingos», if you have no experience of lucid dreaming.

Stolen engagement ring may indicate a divorce, a breakup.

Theft of a gold chain, a symbol of the destroyed Union of the Alliance.

If you dream you stole a pair of earrings, someone can ruin your marriage or Union.

Stole the watch — the same thing that stole your time for something. It is necessary for you to decide on the dream plot and actors. And then to decide whether the road was you the watch. If Yes, you have their back during sleep and to change the projection of the future!

Stealing dresses, any clothing, jackets, coats — for change in my life. If in your dream you have stolen was necessary and good, a precious thing sleep is a bad change. Next, look at the characters clothes. If you pulled a bad and unnecessary, do not worry, your life will go problems ( someone will take over).

Theft any Shoe — a sign of the obstacles from your enemies.

Stole man, woman, child, son, daughter and so on. Such dreams in cases when the attention of the kidnapped person someone is completely turned on, so that it to some extent outside the field of your knowledge about him.

You in my dreams stole dream is usually to a fan or patron.

Stole back something in a dream — you are lucky in an almost hopeless case.

Robbed the car, the car — actions of enemies or detractors acting behind you — not openly.

Theft, hijacking, the loss of a car in a dream means that your life deliberately intervene to take possession of your achievements of a certain kind. This may relate to personal property, financial and business interests. And there is someone willing so to speak, to cross the line. So stay alert to your surroundings and be aware of everything you hold dear.

If your apartment or your house is robbed, devastated, the dream means in the near future great profit, paradoxically, and a nice change. Very often after such dreams occur and the best deals, financial projects, especially property and real estate.

If you dream you stole the keys to your life trying to intervene. Whatever the motives of the detractors, it will cause serious damage, as their actions aimed at the destruction of your life. This is a warning dream. Be careful and don’t let it control you or interfere in the Affairs. Try to change the projection of the future.

Stealing money ( by you) in the dream means that you may commit a rash act out of a desire to earn or to have money, however, this dream is a warning that things could end badly.

If you took away the money or purse, you are robbed, robbed, robbed of money by deception, — the dream means the same thing, but in your troubles and failures of the plans will be to blame someone who hurt you intentionally. By the way, in your dream you will definitely see characters relating to your trouble. If people are unfamiliar to you, it means that it is in fact still unknown strangers with whom there was a conflict of interest, for example, your competitors.

If you dream you stole the phone, you will need to solve problems, and deliberately.

Fence stolen in a dream means that in front of any problem you will be defenseless.

Meat, which you have nicked in a dream means that one of your problems out of stupidity or randomness will take over.

Stolen fish — to financial losses. Any stolen sweets, candy means that instead of the expected nice change, you angry, though not for long.

Robbed Roma in the dream, wait for fraud and big trouble from random people.

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